Damp weather and fibro pain

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  1. Does anyone experience a HIGH level of PAIN with damp weather or high humidity ? In Ohio with all the snow and now melting and high humidity in our house as the snow is now melting and water coming in our floor vents, even pumping it , it continues. Every part of my body is screaming with pain. Just wondered if it was me or normal?
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    Pain has been pretty unbearable the past couple of weeks and I, too, am attributing it to weather...cold, snow, I've pellets, rais...and lots of all of it.
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    Yup! It set off a flare all over my body for the last 2-3 weeks. It's normal. Happens with other conditions too. I work with the elderly and Arthritis residents are feeling it. Fibromyalgia residents are feeling it. MS residents are feeling it. CFS residents are feeling it. ME residents feel it. Stroke residents are feeling it.

    Damp and cold are not a good thing for us. This is why, hot water therapy is one of the recommended treatments for us. It loosens the muscles, tendons and ligaments, thus, lending some modicum of relief. When our bodies feel this damp and extreme cold they react adversely. Muscles, tendons and ligaments become tight and constrict. I recommend more long hot soaks in epsom salts and massage if you can manage the cost or have a willing partner.

    The best thing I've found is a really good hot spa tub with jets. The jets can help you target the more painful areas with water pressure. Like a water massage. I sooooooo need one of those in my home. I've been trying to save up to get one installed in place of my old bathtub. Constant access to one would be wonderfully good. It helps.
  4. I figured it wasn't only me, my body has been screaming (if it could) in pain. :eek: