Dance mashup from old movies

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    This is a mashup of old movie dance scenes reset to the music from "Uptown Funk"

    bad link deleted
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    Hi Willow

    I think the electronic gremlins have been playing tricks again. There
    seem to be several videos of dance compilations & Uptown Funk. Here
    is one of them. Hope it's the one you had in mind.

    What a cast! One great dancer after another: Shirley Temple, Fred and
    Ginger, Gene Kelly, Judy Garland, Mickey Rooney, Groucho, Ann
    Miller, Marge Champion.

    The Nicholas Brothers, Bobby Van, Debbie Reynolds, Donald O'Connor,
    Lucy, Jerry Mouse, Laurel & Hardy, Eleanor Powell, James Cagney,
    Rita Hayworth.

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  3. Willow77

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    That's the one Rock. Thank you. I think it is the Nichols brothers that tap down a staircase that are just amazing.

    I took a film class. The Art of Cinema, (or some such thing like that) in Junior College. And another one Minorities in Film. They were really fun classes. I did a term paper on When Harry Met Sally. And then went all feminist and did a final project on how far women's roles have come since early movies. For the Minorities class I brought up that Hitler killed a lot of disabled people before he started rounding up and killing Jews. Therefore I felt that they should show a movie on disabilities as well. I won my argument and the class saw "Murder Ball" about a wheelchair sports team. It got a little more dirty with nudity than I felt comfortable with but there was not a whole lot of choice of films back then. I saw the teacher the next year on campus and he had added the movie and disabilities to the curriculum. That made me pretty happy.

    Some of the movies don't hold up that well today but those dance moves with a modern song, well it just blew me away.
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