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    How was it??? Did you get to sit close to the dance floor? Is there a lot of stuff we miss out on during commercials?

    Tell us all about it when you feel up to it!

    I'm so glad you got to go!

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    I had a really great time, fun, fun!!

    We didn't get in until the last 5 minutes before the show started because they overbooked. So, even though we were way early, some people had priority tickets that slid in right before us because they had not been able to get into the previous week's show as that was overbooked also.

    I guess they have to do that because a lot of people get tickets and then don't show up.

    So, my sis and I were one of the last ones in, we were split up, but that's okay because the show started right when we sat down. I ended up in the VIP section in a seat that was reserved for someone who did not show. It was on the floor section about 4 rows back (across the floor from the judges, so I had a great view of them also), it was awesome!

    I sat next to this guy who was friends with Tony and Fabian, two of the professional dancers. So, he was showing me pictures on his camera from rehearsals right before the show. He was also pointing out who was who, like the husband's, wives of some of the celebrities that were dancing. Jason's wife was just beautiful! Mel B. and Joey Fatone were there from past seasons.

    Everyone looked just like they do on TV. The costumes were so beautiful!! It was such a great time. Kristy did really well, Marissa, Shannen and the R&B singer, Mario were fun to watch.

    You don't miss much during the commercials because the guy in charge of the audience asks people where they are from and jokes around, gives out t-shirts,etc. The judges and the host talk back and forth and Carrie Ann was getting her hair and make-up touched up. When they are showing the clips from rehearsals, we see them at the same time everyone on TV does. The only thing really different is that you don't see the dancers coming out on stage during the clips, so we see them watching their clips and getting ready for their dance before everyone out there in TV land does.

    There was a lot of energy and the set was about as big as it looks on TV, although my neighbor thought it looked smaller, maybe a little, but not much. The seats are really close together, so thank goodness I was seated next to a friendly person! :)

    I had a blast! Thanks for asking!! Hope you both are having a fantastic day! Kim :)
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    I keept looking for you, then thought, theres a sea of Black dress's. lol

    I did enjoy the show, but thought the Dances weren't as Good as they could have been. SOme times it goes that way.
    Me I love the Latin Dances.

    I was sorry to see Pricilla leave but had a hunch that she would be. Even doing the Splits at the age of 62, couldn't help, I guess. But She did really, really good I thought overall.

    I love the "Mini-Me's" too, they are so adorable, and very Talented.
    It does, starttle me, tho, because , watching them, brought back some good memories, only I Never thought of how Young I was, lol.

    I'm so glad you got to seat next to someone who knew some of the Dancers, bet that made it more fun, to have some one like that to talk to.

    I think, that there are 2 couples, who are regulars with the TV Show and the TOurs,
    One is Ednaty and _______, the First Winner, who dancer with Kelly Momoco, they just got married this year.
    Also, The Redheaded spit fire, I think is married to one of the Dancers also. I'll have to check on that, I think it's Johnathon, hmmmmm,.,,,
    My minds not to sharp right now, because I do know their names, but can't quite get it.

    I know some of the People over on the DWTS Message board are upset that, Maxm, isn't in the show, not me, I am enjoying seeing some of the other Male Dancers who are wonderful, in MHO, lol,

    His attutidue, is to much like a few Guy's that I have known in my day, and they are very Full of themselves.
    Move from one Female Dancer to another. Anyway he's off in Vegas, I understand, doing some Choregraphy, for a Show there.

    We saw Julliane at the first Tour show, she was one of the Company dancer's, and she stood out evern then.
    She, and Kim, were in some of the Dances together, and it was fun, trying to keep track of who was who, ..

    I am able to get in on the Presale for the Tour Tickets.
    They usually, don't have one here untill Nov. or Dec.
    During the Spring/Summer, they go to more of the Midwest and Southern States.

    Well I better head for bed, not sleeping to well, not to end on a sad note, but my DH's Mother passed away, Mon. morning, just after Midnight.
    So I have really enjoyed talking to you about "Dancing", it has helped get my mind off of Losing her.

    Take care, and Hopefully we can disscuss next weeks, comp.


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    So sorry to hear that your MIL passed away. I hope your husband and yourself are doing okay. I hope you have family and friends there to help. Please let me know how you are doing, my prayers are with you. I am glad that we can talk about something fun to take your mind away for a bit.

    Hugs, Kim :)

    Yes, I was quite impressed w/Priscilla doing the splits, wow! My favorites are the more upbeat dances, even though Marissa and Tony weren't at the top scorewise, I thought their dance was very fun to watch!

    Julianne is my favorite professional dancer. When she is dancing, it is hard for me to watch whoever her partner is because her dancing is just breathtaking!! I have to agree w/you about Maxim, he seemed full of himself at times. Edyta is great too, you must love seeing her in the tour shows. Lucky you, that you were able to get presale tour show tickets!

    I have to get back to my kids, they need help with their homework. I am hoping that God sends you and your husband peace right now. Take care, Kim
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    I'm so glad you got to go and see the show in person! Sounds like you had alot of Fun!,,,,,,I just sit and watch it on TV of course,,and wish i could look and Dance like any of those Gals!,,,,,,Really like Edita (Sp) and Tony's dancing,,,,,,They are all Beautiful!,,,,,,,,,Sis
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    Yes, Edyta is such a beautiful dancer! They were all just beautiful and very, very tan! The details on the costumes were stunning. I'm glad you are a fan of the show, it's fun to talk with everyone about it.

    I hope to go again some day and hopefully take a couple of more friends, you can get up to 4 tickets at once. I hope you are enjoying your day, or I guess it is night time over there in Montana! Kim :)