Dancing Drug Reps

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    You are spot-on right in your description of drug reps.
    But, most "good" doctors do their own research on drugs and do not rely solely on the reps. In fact, most of the doctors I know have a certain degree of disdain for drug reps--especially the hard-sell, agressive ones. These types are usually laughed about by doctors.

    I also must agree with you in your apprehension about
    antibiotics. I fear that they have been overprescribed for far too many years.

    Sometimes we just must give the body time, rest, good food, and good living to get well.

    This is truly an exasperating disease and I can identify with everyone wanting a cure! I do--and I want one RIGHT N, but I don't believe this will happen. I feel that it is stealing my life and want so desperately to get well again. However, I believe that the harder I fight against it the worse I become.

    For now, I have decided to follow Dr. Myhill's approach. I have downloaded her book and it seems to make a lot of common sense. I'm going to give this 4-6 months and see how I feel.

    BTW, I want to thank you for your suggestion on DLPA. I am taking 1,000mg in the AM and 500mg at noon and it seems to be helpful. Any other suggestions you might have will be appreciated.



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