Dancing with the Stars?

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  1. Who do you think is leaving this week? After last wk. shock of my Cheetah girl leaving I have no clue. I think Jane Seymour, but she has a big fan base. Who do you think? I guess we should wait and watch the show tonight. LOL! (although I don't necessarily think its their dancing anymore after seeing Cheetah gal go)
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    I agree! lol we never know who might get the boot!,,,Jane might,,but like you said she has such a large fan base! so does Marie!,,,,,,,That's what makes it all so much fun to watch!,,,,,,,,,,,and the judges are fairly commical too you never know whats going to come out of their mouths!,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,and the Bachlor Too!~~~~~who i say,,, Who is he going to pick??,,,,,,,,,,,,

    p.s. i love the photo in your profile! is that your home? so cool with the fall colors! and the country road!,,,,,,,,,,,S
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    This is a tough one – they are all so good this year. And after last week’s surprise, there is really no way to even guess who it could be. Personally, although I love her to death, I think Marie should be next (she doesn’t dance that well, but tries so hard), then Jane - she really doesn’t impress me with her dancing – she is really only good at the graceful type dances – she doesn’t really have a wide range – you know?

    Although, look at who has been in the bottom before?? This show is very unpredictable. Let’s all watch tonight and discuss tomorrow!