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  1. kjade

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    Is anyone watching this season? If so, what do you think of the cast, and who is your favorite?

    So far, I don't have a favorite that I am rooting for. I think the best dancers are Nicole and the skating guy. But it's not really fair because Nicole was already a dancer before....so she has an edge over the others who have never really had any dance training.

    I was really surprised that Pamela Anderson was in the bottom 2 the first week. I thought she was quite good actually, although very annoying with the way she kept playing it up to the cameras like she was Marilyn Monroe. I think part of the problem is her partner. He is new, so no one really knows him. I know a lot of people do vote for the professional dancer that they know and like, and not for the "star".

    I was also surprised that Shannen Doherty was voted off. She wasn't that bad.

    Oh and Kate Gosselin??? She is the WORST dancer I have ever seen on this show (female anyway). She has absolutely no coordination, charisma....she is terrible! But it is like watching a train wreck! I actually don't want to see her go, because the drama that surrounds her is quite entertaining, I think. She is such a diva, and has such a major attitude. Even Tony her partner, doesn't seem to care for her. I kind of feel bad for her. I cringed when I watched her dance last week...it was bad.

    So tell me what YOU think if you are watching!! This is one of my favorite shows. (can you tell I am a reality TV junkie?? LOL)

    ETA: The "Bachelor", Jake...he drives me absolutely nuts! I find him so phony and irritating. Is the future wife still sitting in the audience? I dont think I saw her last week. [This Message was Edited on 04/10/2010]
  2. lgp

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    I never really watched this show before, but this year I was a bit intrigued.

    I am in total agreement with you--I think NIcole is a doll, but she definitely has an edge over the others. Pam Anderson is very amusing, and better than I thought she would be, but is very taken with herself!! Surprise, surprise, right??

    Kate Gosselin IS like watching a train wreck; she is THEE worst dancer I have ever seen. Ever. Her dancing to Paparazzi was painful to watch, and yet I do not want her to leave either, because of all the drama surrounding her.

    I think Erin Andrews is the one to watch. She is soo much better than I had anticipated, and seems to get better every week. Go figure!!

    However, this is about it for me with reality shows; unless my daughters are home from school, or my nieces who coerce me into watching Jersey Shore. Would never watch THAT on my own. That's my reality!!

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  3. butterflydream

    butterflydream New Member

    Kate really does need more practice or something. My goodness she looks so stiff on the dance floor. Now this week, stress will really kick in, her ex filed for custody of the kids due to her time with Dancing with the Stars. i think Kate and John are always going to have issues with one another. So sad with all the nit picking, life's too short for all that.

    I also would have liked to have seen Shanned Doherty on the show longer. She spoke of breaking out in hives when she's nervous. Shannen has Crohn's disease so maybe her health would not have held up to much more of the competition. She sure made it clear she thinks very highly of her father, she was dancing for him.

    As far as Jake, i thought he would have been booted off by now. His teacher Chelsea looks like she's fed up with him. Chelsea and Ty Murray last season were a good team.

    My guess for this season winner will be Evan, the olympic super star.
    Really hard to say who will win, but my guess is Evan and his teacher.
  4. Gingareeree

    Gingareeree New Member

    I really like Erin Andrews(ESPN) she is so graceful. I also like Niecy(SOO funny!)she has a lot of potential. Evan Lysechek(reminds me of my nephew)so I'm a little partial towards him! The Pussy Cat Doll is the best so far,but I agree she has a edge. Pamela Anderson is kinda funny too,I think that "Hootchie Mama" act of hers is her schitck. Then....Kate Gosselen...she is so uptight,such a control freak I really want to see her go....
  5. isiselixir

    isiselixir New Member

    Hello all,
    I pretty much agree with most of what has been said. I thought Ocho did a better job than what his numbers came out to the first night. Kate has absolutely no performance ability, let alone technique. Her face is always so blank. I cannot believe that America voted for Shannon to go and Kate to stay but I guess it is the gossip factor. It is just so painful to watch Kate dance. Pamela has her own unique appeal even though she seems a little drugged out to me. Jake is just Jake, we seem to only see him in one mood all the time and he seems kind of naively fake even though deep down he may not be trying to be pretentious. lol He reminds me of Tenley from The Bachelor - the way they sort of have Disney movie characteristics and personalities. Buzz looks funny dancing - like a little kid in an older man costume - but America seems to like him. That's all I got for now. We'll see how they do tomorrow night.
    ~ IsisElixir ~
  6. JLH

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    I kind of follows everyone else's opinions.

    Kate has such an attitude problem and is such a terrible dancer. The time she came out with that long wig on was so awful! When she is standing in the "line up" on the results shows, her face always looks as if she is so angry and disgusted! She doesn't look like she's a friendly person at all. I know she is going through a lot, but get real ... she knows she is on TV--can't she fake a smile for just a little while?!! LOL

    I can believe that Shannon Doherty was voted off early. America always did think of her as a bad girl because she was always in trouble and in the news..... and she has her hair colored so dark jet black that she really looks "rough" ... like she wants to live up to this bad, street girl. I did like how she wanted to do this for her Dad, though.

    I used to like Jake when he was first on the Bachlorette. Then, we he became the Bachelor and we got to see more of him and his personality, I don't like him quite so much .... I think he's full of himself. I don't care if he goes or not!!

    I really hated to see Buzz go early. No, he wasn't the best dancer, but he was 80 years old! He was stiff, as expected, etc. It's because of a respect thing. What he has done for our country. I thought his effort and desire to do a good job is a lot better than we can say for Kate!!! I just wanted America to keep him around longer to show how proud we are of him for what he has done for us!! ..... and shame on the little British judge for giving him such bad reviews!!! He should have taken in consideration his age and who he was!!! R - E - S - P - E -C - T!! Remember that song!! LOL
  7. kjade

    kjade New Member

    I agree with so many of them. Last night was rather boring I thought. I do think Kate was a little better than she has been. She seems to be finally loosening up a little bit. I don't think she is going anywhere. She has a lot of fans, and I think the producers purposely showed her crying about her custody battle to gain sympathy for her. Who knows....

    I thought Ocho was pretty good too....he seems to be getting a lot better week after week.
    I saw him and Cheryl on Ellen, and Ellen kept hinting about them dating, and they wouldn't say yes or no. So I am thinking they are a couple. And did you see the ROCK he gave her?? And that was just to say "thank you"????

    I can't decide who I think will go tonight. My guess is either Jake or the soap guy. (can't remember his name.)
  8. Gingareeree

    Gingareeree New Member

    I read in the People mag yesterday that Erin Andrews and Maxum (whatever) are an item,so it wouldn't surprise me if Cheryl and Chad were too! Gee ,do ya think Tony and Kate are an item...not? I agree she's trying to garner sympathy.. ,complaining that her life is an open book,out there for public scrutiny....geez..I thought that was by design! She was marginally better,but she still dances like she has a cork up her fanny,hope she's gone after tonight!~~Jeanne
  9. lgp

    lgp Well-Known Member

    Today on The View, guest host Joan Rivers said " I just can't watch Kate Gosselin on DWTS; every time she lifts her leg, I'm afraid another kid is gonna fly out!!"

    I almost fell on the floor laughing!!

  10. Gingareeree

    Gingareeree New Member

    Joan Rivers is funny...too bad Kate made another week,but her days are numbered...hmmm do you suppose people are voting for her just to watch her cuz she's so bad??
  11. Janalynn

    Janalynn New Member

    I wanted to say the same thing Gingareeree - maybe people are voting for Kate to watch her fall.
    I'm sorry but I can't stand her. I'm not falling for her "I'm doing it all for my kids" act. She's already made enough money for her kids. She COULD sell the million dollar home and lay off the tanning beds, nail appts. IF she acted the least bit grateful instead of entitled it might be a little different. Do you think she went back and paid all of those people who helped her do and fold laundry for those babies? I don't think so.

    It just makes me sad for all of the other Moms -single, who have 5 or 6 kids, (or even 2) who are TRULY struggling. They are the true "supermoms" not her.

    Whew... I feel better.. LOL

    Love Erin and Maks. great chemistry!
  12. butterflydream

    butterflydream New Member

    are now gone from the show.

    I really was surprised to watch Kate on an interview, she was asked about being voted off last week and her response was she was so upset she could not even watch the show this week. I don't understand how she could be so upset, DWTS is dancing and Kate just did not have the dancing appeal in my view. I understand each week the money amount went up, but gosh maybe it was all about the money for her. Alot of good dancers still going strong.

    Jake will most likely look for more tv shows. In my opinion he likes the attention of being on camera. Vienna really seemed to be shocked he was voted off.

    We'll now have to wait for the next week DWTS, who stays and who is gone.
  13. butterflydream

    butterflydream New Member

    Pamela was voted off this week

    Cheryl was given a beautiful birthday necklace this week from the guy she dances with.
    I think one other week he gave her a diamond ring as a gift .

    I'm still watching as the weeks will soon be ending.
  14. Misfit101

    Misfit101 New Member

    I absolutely love this show! DH is an awesome dancer tho we havent been since my FM kicked into overdrive. I love Maks...cant take my eyes off him when hes moving. Awesome dancer. I was glad to see Pamela go...her "sex kitten" act gets old tho Im sure the men love it lol. The worst dancer was Kate...I think the only one as bad as her was Master P. Remember him? And Cheryls partner...forget his name...is showing improvement but I doubt he'll be the last one standing. I dont think she likes him much...her body language speaks volumes. Maybe thats why hes buying her all the bling? And Jake...Im tired of his phoney-baloney act. I think hes gunning for a tv gig. Cant wait for next week!
  15. butterflydream

    butterflydream New Member

    are receiving high scores from the judges. Nicole and Derek will definately stay this week(i think).

    All the dancers are giving 100 % , alot of improvement for all.

    Tuesday another Ending for one of the couples.
  16. Misfit101

    Misfit101 New Member

    I havent watched anything but my son sleep the last 3 days. Im sooo hoping to get to see tonites show. Did they dance last night? We had a tornado outbreak across the state last nite and ALL channels suspended regular programming. Understandable since early warnings saves lives. That was a dumb question...of course they danced. Duh....
  17. Misfit101

    Misfit101 New Member

    I missed tonights show. Small son wanted me to watch the Rangers ballgame so thats what I watched lol. Who went home?
  18. butterflydream

    butterflydream New Member

    was sent home on tonights show.

  19. Misfit101

    Misfit101 New Member

    Awww I like her. But this is a dance contest and the others are better dancers imho. Thanks for the update!
  20. butterflydream

    butterflydream New Member

    They will All be back on Monday for the Grand Finale of Dancing with the Stars !!!

    Bachlorette show also BEGINS on Monday!!
    These competition shows are all good to keep up with.
    Bachlorette, American Idol and Dancing with the Stars.