Dancing with theStars

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    Lance Bass,... no he will not be dancing with another male, as rummor had it,,,Toni Braxton,,, Unbreak my Heart.... Brooke Burke,,
    Rocco DiSpirito, Maurcie Greene, Kim Kardashian, omy this one should be interesting, the makeup people won't have to work to hard on her, lol, she wears a ton of it everyday.

    Cloris Leachman, Cody Linely, Susan Lucci,,,(yea) Misty May Teaner,,,Ted McGiney, oh Happy Days,,, Jeff Ross and Warren Sapp

    Not to sure I am liking the line up, but it is an interesting one.
    I can't wait for the Sept 22 start up date, I think its a 3 night event, like last time.

    For those who Luv, Maxium, he is going to be returning to the show, ,

    I think they are pairing Cheryl with another Atheltic, (?sp?)

    another good thing to look forward to will be when the Tour comes to Stapes, usually in Dec. We always go to the Show's , and have never been disappointed yet.

    So finally TV will be fun again, I hope.

    So what do you all, who like this show, think of the Lineup?

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    I don't think I know who half of these people are. I will have to watch and check it out. Godbless