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    Hi there! I'm responding to this that you posted in the Traumeel S thread....(just in case you're as foggy as I am! LOL)

    Orachel 11/09/05 02:59 PM

    I got sick in the same kind of way. One day, massive pain. I am so positive that the AD made my pain worse and worse. I'm taking tons of supplements that are really helping, lately most especially the ribose, I'm sure of it. I can feel the difference when I take it.

    The Traumeel really has also helped, and I've been using Ultra Inflamex because there is some concern that inflammation could have something to do with my problem.

    For pain, you might consider a stronger opiate with the Tramadol. That and the Traumeel are the only things I take. They were working okay, kind of, but with FFC's Release and Renew added in, they are actually really working. Three days now of feeling better. Just a thought.

    DANCINGSTAR....I feel like a goon, but what is AD? I can't think of what it could possibly be.

    As for the Traumeel, I'm ordering right after I get done typing this. Hubby and I are broke city, but I just can't put it off any longer...I'm dyin here! LOL

    I'm trying desperately to get docs to break out the big guns on my pain control...not indefinitely, but I really think I need something like Methadone for the time being, just to save my quality of life in SOME way. The pain is totally sapping all of my energy. So far, no dice....I just finally got darvocet 3 weeks ago...before that, it was ultram alone (useless...and darvocet isn't helping much at all! LOL).

    I'm trying to get into the FFC at 1st of the year...at least then my $750 out of network deductible will last the whole year, but not sure how on earth going to pay for it, even with carecredit card thingie....I wonder, can you buy FFC supplements if you aren't yet a client? I wouldn't mind trying that Release and Renew...I've heard about that from a few people...I think Rileyearl might be on that too.

    And Lolliboo is great, she's like my own personal herbalist, she's been such a big help...so I wouldn't be doing it blind, you know.

    I'm curious about what you mean...you also woke up sick one day...I've never heard anyone else say that! And what is Ribose, exactly?

    Thanks so much for reaching out, and for all your help! I don't know if its the change of seasons or what, but I'm ready to start gnawing limbs off if this doesn't get better soon!


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    Just read about your unum nightmare! Well, they'll have a hard time catching me doing anything, since I'm now stuck with this cane (a pretty blue toile one....I try to hobble in style! LOL) and have been forbidden to drive.

    They are such an evil evil corporation!!!! Grrrr....I'm in the process of getting an attorney, but I shall make them grovel, I promise you that! It will be revenge for both of us! I've managed to get the case manager Dan Vott working on my case....I'm just ending my short term disability now (though my paid benefits expired months ago). I can file for lt disability in early December, and can be paid starting early January...

    But seriously, I may need some serious morale support dealing with these evil pond scum suckers from hell. They almost killed me, I swear, making me jump through hoops and humiliating me just to get the short term claim approved. I could seriously use some prayers for dealing with them...Just had to call them yesterday and tell them my doc wants me off at least another 2 months (he knows I can't go back then, but isn't comfortable saying "off work indefinitely" as he thinks I'll get fired). All I have to say is that the GLOVES ARE OFF! I will NOT allow them to push me into some deep gnarley depression. I'm convinced they go out of their way to drive us to the brink, so we just give up in anguish. Dan Vott (director of claims) had the unmitigated GALL to call me one day and say "Congratulations on getting well!". I had to hobble upstairs and get physically ill, I was so offended and disgusted....I'd gotten out of the ER like a week before! OY>

    So....good to know I can come to you if I need someone to buoy me up in dealing with the idjits! Thanks!!!

    I cannot BELIEVE they said you went to a BAR! And you don't even drink! Well, heck! Who can on all these meds? LOL

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    I do lose track of where some of these posts end up...even if I check my list from yesterday...probably cause I talk too darn much. Thanks for reposting for me. :)

    When I got sick, at first I just had this sciatica thing, and I was a wee bit tired, probably from having started my own business and driving so far too and from my office every day while teaching up to five classes a week at the gym. I thought I would heal somewhat quickly.

    The horrid family practice doc suggested my taking the antidepressant - (AD) - EffexorXR for pain and to give me extra energy. It worked so well that it almost gave me too much energy, and for a while, I was taking Valium to slow my heart down when I really should have just stopped taking Effexor, but I thought it made me feel good; so I kept taking it.

    Very, very slowly I began to get more and more tired, but it seems like suddenly I woke up and was hurting everywhere. Of course, I stopped taking the Valium, but I still became more and more sleepy, and I couldn't understand why. Soon I was in so much pain and so tired that I couldn't stay awake more than five or so hours a day, and I could hardly walk up the stairs at my home. There could be a fire, and I'd sleep through it.

    I kept taking the Effexor cause I still thought it was giving me energy and thought I'd die from no energy at all without it. Didn't have a clue that it was the one thing that was actually making me deathly tired. I almost never ate but was gaining more and more weight.

    Fortunately, I finally lost that doctor -- see my disability fiasco -- and found my wonderful internist, who prescribed Armour thyroid. It helped a tiny bit to keep me awake, but it wasn't until Sept. of '04, when I decided to stop taking Effexor simply because of some instinct that said I needed to if I ever wanted that weight to come back off, that I got my energy back to some degree.

    But I also got truly deathly ill. I didn't think I would live during the third week after I stopped taking it. It had affected every system in my body. They thought I was in early menopause at one point, but when I stopped taking it, my periods were completely normal again. I won't go into how horrid the withdrawal was, but I could not imagine anything so painful. There is no question in my mind that EffexorXR can be used as a form of torture with great success.

    It's taken me since September of last year to begin to feel as though I'm pretty much back to myself again.

    I got the Traumeel at my pharmacy for $16, but I know you can't get around easily right now; so online might be easier for you. Though I guess it is working better for some people than it is for others, it does seem to help relieve my pain...but my pain has been better since going to FFC, and I also cut out Splenda, added ribose, and have been taking the Ultra Inflamex and eating that diet.

    If I were to put money on which is taking away the most pain in my specific case, I would guess that it's the Release and Renew from FFC and cutting out the Splenda, but again, that is just instinct. Also, I think the shot, B12, glutathione, and AMP did a lot to help, definitely!

    About the stronger pain meds, the family practice quack had prescribed Oxycontin, which I quit taking cold turkey by myself, alone, at home, by myself...Then I switched to a pain med doc who prescribed Norco several years ago, and my internist just continued the same exact prescription. I haven't changed it. Sometimes it works; sometimes it doesn't. I only take it when I really need it so that it will work when I need it to, but it is better, from what I understand, than Darvocet. I've been taking it so long that I really don't even feel them; so they don't even make me tired. They could affect other people that way, though.

    Dr. Holtorf gave me some fabulous energy supplements that took only a couple of days to kick in and really help with my always present fatigue, which hasn't been nearly as bad since I quit taking Effexor. I don't know if you can buy supplements if you aren't a patient, but it wouldn't hurt to ask. Their supplements are better than any others that I've tried. No question about it. They are worth the money simply cause they do what they say that they are going to do, which is almost unbelieveable to me. The energy stuff doesn't make you hyper, just makes me feel normal...really normal.

    This morning I went to have my fasting blood taken. I didn't eat or take thyroid, though I did take pain meds before I left. No coffee, nothing. I felt fine and was happy, which was shocking.

    I wish you could come to Dr. Holtorf, Rachel. I feel most confident with him, ya know? It is a lot of money to spend when people aren't able to work...and I still think we should find a way for those of us that want to to work together to be able to.

    I'm a fan of making lots of money, not little tiny bits of it. If we're going to do something, we need to do something that has the potential to take away all financial worries forever and always. There is absolutely no reason we cannot do this, not really. I started my current business, for which I am grateful every moment of my life, with $600 on a credit card in 1988.

    I am so very sorry that you are hurting so badly. Can I ask what you are eating and/or taking right now besides the pain meds, or is it just too much stuff, like me?

    Much love,

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    ...I know its killing me, but until the pain levels are down a TAD and I can get back out to drive, I'm sorta stuck with what my husband brings home. There's no possiblity of me cooking right now, just not an option...and I've tried to get my husband to shop at a whole foods place, at least, but its like talking to a stone, sometimes! LOL

    But diet, and I think whole foods diet is the way I want to go, is a #1 on my list as soon as I can make a change....

    What's the deal with splenda? I'm a diet coke junkie (horrible, I know...) but I actually thought splenda was better than the alternatives....got that from Dr. Atkins....Splenda hurting us? I mean, its chemical crappo, so of course its hurting us, but what is it doing specifically to "us" to cause us pain?

    I'm mondo interested in hearing about this business of yours. What do you do, exactly? I don't know that I'm up to starting a business solo right now, but I do have some energy and brains left at least to look into viable opportunities.

    I'm so with you on something SUBSTANCIAL being needed...not a paltry few hundred dollars a month. I don't need the financial stress, nor does my husband, lemme tell you! LOL

    I'm a bright cookie when it comes to real estate, and we were getting ready to start saving for some investment properties down the road a few years as soon as we'd payed some of our debt (only married 2 years...new house (or should I say new to us...its an 1890s moneypit! LOL) new cars...no equity to speak of right now! LOL

    I know something will come along, but I also know my poor husband is suffering madly with the financial stress. I've gotta keep praying for some guidance to something...at least a short term something to help us through, you know? Any ideas, off hand? It so dang frustrating to know that I have the ability to walk into any mortgage brokerage and make a very healthy living, but now I'm stuck! LOL

    Such is life, I suppose....darkest before the dawn, and all that rot! LOL

    Anti Depressants....aah! Never heard anything good about effexor, I don't think. I had horrific reaction to elavil and provigil, personally. Most important thing I've learned so far is always listen to your body! If it doesn't like something, listen to it! I forgot to listen, and ended up in the er.

    Now I take wellbutrin to support neurotransmitters, and also cymbalta to help nerve pain...don't think either of them are making me feel physicall better at all. But on the plus side, I haven't fallen down the rabbit hole of depression (amazingly enough!), so they must be doing me some benefit considering the trauma of the last few months!

    Look forward to speaking with you soon!
  5. orachel

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    I went to Ucla! Just read your profile!

    And a favorite client of mine (I suppose he's an ex client now!) ran a court reporter agency.....I always found that fascinating. He was always struggling financially, though. Never got paid promptly for his services, he said.

    Then early this year, I got stuck jury duty for a 2 week med mal case...suing a hospital, and anestesia clinic, and a student nurse anestetist....man....I've never seen fingers fly so fast as that court reporter. Plus, she managed to wear literally 6 inch heels daily, and not look trashy, which I thought took some sort of pinache I don't posess.

    What a cool field that must be! Do you ever do the reporting yourself? I've always been fascinated by that shorthand. Actually considered going to school for it, just as a change from finance....less money, but more interesting. For 9 years doing the same mortgage sales...and then 15 years in sales in general....I wouldn't have minded a break! Well, sheesh! I sure got a break, didn't I?!

    Old adage...be careful what you wish for. No kidding! LOL

    Happy trails...
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    Rachel, I think if you change a few things, you might feel better, and I may not be able to finish this now cause I need to get some work done over the next few hours.

    First, please do a quick search on the internet for "splenda." It is tres important. I had no idea how important this was. This crap needs to be taken off the market. I'd explain it all, but it is explained so well by some of these other people that I'd rather you read it directly from them.

    Next, starches and and sugars will increase your pain. You will feel better if you eat more fish, unstarchy veggies and a little fruit or protein veggies and a little fruit. I also personally believe that you can eat some rice, preferably brown, but whatever. I eat dairy products, but not milk. If you feel better, so will your husband. :)

    If your pain has gotten worse since you have taken either the Wellbutrin or the Cymbalta, don't rule out the fact that these can be the reason why it has gotten worse. It happens very, very slowly, so slowly that you can't recognize it or even sense that it is happening. That's what happened to me.

    I have a court reporting/deposition agency. Attorneys call my office when they need a court reporter to go to their office to report depositions. I used to report myself but haven't for the last three or four years or so. We work with lots of other reporters in the way that nurses work with a registry.

    The reason that I thought you could help me build business is that you could always do it from home in your spare time, writing, calling, building it in any way possible. If a new client mentions your name, I pay you a commision. We could work out the details if you were ever interested.

    Though we work all over the country for our clients, most of the reporters that I know are in my local area; so it makes my life tons easier if the work is here.

    Ickes, it is getting late. I will check back in in a little bit....check on the Splenda thing; okay? Let me know what you think after you've read it. I ate it all the time, too, cause of the Atkins, low carb thing. It's taken a week, but I do feel better without it.


  7. dancingstar

    dancingstar New Member

    I didn't mean to answer this so fast, I was just hurrying...I'll try to do better in a little while....
  8. orachel

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    I am a tres excellente' telemarketer! Hate that word, but you know what I mean. I've always developed all my own clients via telephone applications...Noone really LOVES cold calling, but I've always been particularly good at it as I'm a rapport based sales person. People buy from who they like, obviously! LOL

    Way back when, I used to run a telemarketing room that marketing a dating service (not sleazy, and actual introduction service)... we sold dating memberships for up to 5000!

    I think something like that just might be possible. We shall talk more at your convenience.

    Must meet in chat one of these weeks and exchange schtuff.

    Hola! Happy working!

    And I will look up splenda immediately! I knew that crap was too good to be true! LOL And I am a true devotee of low carb diet.....I've never felt better in my life than when I'm cutting out white flour (all flour really) and sugars...plus, not so shabby in the smaller bum aspect, either! I absolutely need to get back into something like that, but poor hubby has been so stressed I haven't wanted to burden him with something else to worry about. But you're totally right. When I'm low carbing (of course this was before I got sick) my body went from feeling sluggish and ick, to a lean mean fighting machine! Definitely excellent advice!

  9. dancingstar

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    I've always thought that starting a matchmaking service would be fun...but that's besides the point, I guess. :) I've no doubt that you'd be great at getting business. My instincts about that sort of thing are pretty dead on.

    Thank you for suggesting "chat." I'd forgotten all about it, probably cause I've never done it. You're right; though, we should definitely talk more when we are up to it.

    Let me know what you think about the Splenda stuff. There's more and more coming out about it all the time. There was even something mentioning the Splenda controversy on AOL today, and I got an email from some health organization with a link to someone that has written a book, explaining how dangerous Splenda can be. It is really beginning to get a lot of press.

    At the same time, though, as always seems to happen, Johnson & Johnson is pushing really hard for more and more people to use Splenda for anything and everything that one would normally use sugar for, all the while more and more consumer groups are calling out for them to come clean about their deceptive advertising in saying that "Splenda is made from sugar," which is really not true.

    Time will tell where this will go. In the meantime, I feel much better since I've cut it out of my life.

    All my best wishes for a happy and pain free evening!!

  10. orachel

    orachel New Member

    I'm rocking and rolling! Tried Traumeel S....amazing! I have energy and feel waay less pain then I have in 5 mos! Of course I also just got methadone...but that's not helping my energy! I'm going to be totally bored next week as hubby is out of town and I'm not able to drive...Looking forward to maybe catching up with you when we're both on...then we can go to chat to exchange contact information.

    Happy trails!!!
  11. dancingstar

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    I read your post earlier about the Traumeel helping and that you went out last night. Really made me smile. I'm so glad that you felt good enough to go out last night. You deserve a break!!

    I would have written earlier, but for the first time in a couple of weeks, I was hurting badly all morning. Wow, knocked my socks off in a manner of speaking.

    I tried to figure out if there was some reason for it, and the only thing I can think of is the one additional med that I was given...or sent, really, that I took yesterday for the first time. It is supposed to block the opiate receptors so that we don't get more addicted to pain medication, which is a fabulous idea, but I'm wondering if my body has been using the opiate as a seratonin substitute since my "knock-down, drag-out quarrel with EffexorXR.

    Anyway, I didn't take that one today, and I am just now starting to feel better. What I did instead, though, is take just a half dose of the other pills I was given instead of a full pill, to be safe, and even though it's not stopping the pain completely, at least I feel better about taking less. Maybe in an hour or so I'll feel good enough to walk across the street to the store and buy some Advil. :) Meantime, I'm lying back down for a bit.

    Funny thing is that I didn't do anything else different to make my body start hurting again...unless the shot that I got at FFC wore off or something. Ackh! Wish I knew.

    Let's talk next week when we're both feeling pretty good. I hope you stay feeling good like this for a long, long time.


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