dandruff and thinning hair

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  1. AuntTammie

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    Does anyone else who did not have these issues prior to getting sick, now have them? I do, and they are getting pretty bad. I have tried all sorts of dandruff shampoos, but most really bother my MCS, and none of them have actually helped. So, I started trying natural remedies....baking soda, apple cider vinegar, lemon juice, witch hazel, aloe vera.....nothing is helping....the ACV did take away some of the itch, but it did not get rid of the dandruff and even though it is also supposed to grow hair, I think it is actually making mine fall out even faster. I still have a couple of natural things to try, but I think they will be less likely to work (with the possible exception of tea tree oil, but it is REALLY expensive, so I can't really afford it).

    Does anyone else have experience with this and have anything that has worked?
  2. debshomeed

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    yes, I have this problem. Unfortunately I have no real remedies at the moment. Like you I have tried changing shampoos, going without shampoo and using only conditioner, organic shampoo, ACV etc. I still get it. It comes in cycles, and also I get itching plus thick yellow sebum on my scalp. I know that the flaking on my scalp is more dramatic after I've washed my hair. I suspect that the chlorine in the water aggravates the condition.

    Perhaps, the scalp/skin is a place where a lot of detoxification happens (eg heavy metals in particular) because the liver is having a hard time processing toxins.

    And yes, my hair has been falling out heaps for the last 5 months. I suspect that this is a nutritional problem- somehow the ingested nutrients aren't getting to where they are needed (or perhaps aren't absorbed properly).

    Thank God, the last few days have seen a dramatic slow down in the loss of my hair. I have been working hard eating very nutritious food, drinking green juices every day and taking nutrient dense supplements. I think this has been making a difference.

    I hope that someone else can shed further light on this issue.

  3. Janalynn

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    Hi Aunt Tammie- I don't have dandruff, but I do have hair falling out - worse than ever. Not only do I get a ton in the shower, my shirts area always covered in loose hair. I hate it, people are always picking hair off my clothes at work!

    My hair falling out only started about 6-8 months ago. I didn't know if it was some medication I was taking. Are you taking any that might have that side effect?

    My Dr. put me on thyroid meds (not for that), even though my labs were normal. It actually did help for a while - now it's happening again!

    How often do you wash your hair? Do you notice any difference when you go a day or two without washing? is it worse?

    You should probably see a dermatologist. I know that sometimes severe dandruff can either be other things or caused by internal problems and hormones.

    Have you tried T-Gel - are you sensitive to that? Dandruff and hair loss CAN go hand in hand.

    if you find any reason for the hair loss - let me know!
  4. Pansygirl

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    I don't have dandruff but I do loose tons of hair daily. I think mine has been doing this for about 20 yrs . I wish I could figure out why too but I haven't been on meds except in the recent years so I can rule that out.

    My hair clogs the shower and clogs the vacuum and is just everywhere. I have to be careful
    when cooking that I have my hair tied back so it doesn't get in the food. :(

    maybe a skin doctor would have some ideas or something that could help you with the dandruff?

    Gentle hugs, Susan
  5. AuntTammie

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    sorry you are having the same problems...you have some interesting theories that I will have to look into further - I did just start seeing a new Dr who, among other things, is treating me for leaky gut (& that problem would obviously cause nutritional issues)....the weird thing is that I swear the hair loss has actually increased in the last few days....still, the pos lack of nutrients does make sense as a culprit in the hair loss
  6. AuntTammie

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    I do know that you are rt about the thryoid thing and I have been finally started on Armour myself (long, frustrating story as to why that didn't happen sooner).....still, in the last few days since I have started that and treatment for leaky gut, I swear that I have actually lost more hair....do you know how long it take the thyroid to start to noticeably respond to Armour? (I am guessing that it is too soon to have any obvious results)

    as to the tea tree oil shampoo, that is something I may try....when i first heard about using tea tree oil, I didn't know that they made shampoo with it, and I looked at just buying the oil by itself - it is really expensive, but I have since realized that the shampoo may not be so costly

    oh and I am not old enough for that to be the cause, but you are certainly rt about aging and hair loss
  7. AuntTammie

    AuntTammie New Member

    It wouldn't surprise me if meds could cause hair loss, but I'm not really taking them - just an occasional flexeril or darvocet, but I do mean occasional....just added Armour, but that should help with hair loss, if anything

    sorry you are losing hair, too....I know you said that your labs were normal, and you were on thyroid meds anyway, but have you had recent labs? maybe your thyroid levels have changed

    if I miss washing my hair it is disgusting - dandruff is worse and my hair gets really oily....unless I am really doing horribly I wash my hair every day (although sometimes I am just crashing way too badly to do so)

    I did just look up T-Gel online - I have tried the tar based one & I absolutely cannot take it - really bad sensitivities to it - but I found out that they make other ones, as well, so that is a possibility

    as to the dermatologist - I may wind up going that route, but I am not sure if medicare will cover it, or not, and even if they do, I am already going to so darn many Dr appts (regular doc, new specialist, foot doc, eye doc, and I need to get in to see a GI specialist, too - appts seem to have all piled up), that I will have to wait awhile to get in to see one (and at the rate I am going, I will be bald by then!)
  8. AuntTammie

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    You have been losing hair for that long - that's a bummer..... Did you start out with a lot of really thick hair? I'm asking bc I started out with a decent amt of hair, but it has always been baby fine, and at the rate I am going, I am afraid I will wind up being bald if something doesn't change soon......it's a little reassuring that you have been losing it for that long and are not bald, but I feel bad for you that you are losing it, too

    hugs to you, too
  9. ChuckNBerkeley

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    I had a bad case of dandruff from at least my mid-teens, say 1950 or so. Tried all of the anti-dandruff shampoos on and off over the years. Totally wiped it out 15 or so years ago with Nizoral (Ketoconazole). Believe dandruff is caused by fungus.
  10. AuntTammie

    AuntTammie New Member

    I drink ACV for other reasons, but I recently tried using it topically for the dandruff....it did stop the itching, but did nothing for that flakes.

    I do take zinc, but since I have leaky gut I might not be absorbing enough of it....maybe I will try increasing it and see waht happens

    The Jason shampoo looks interesting, but it has a few things that I might have an allergic reaction to (even though it is natural)- if other suggestions on here don't work, I will have to look into it further, though

    anyway, thanks for your response - I appreciate it and hope that you find some answers, too
  11. AuntTammie

    AuntTammie New Member

    I have read that about the fungus you mentioned- for some people it does seem to cause dandruff, but some people w/ dandruff actually do not have it - there are actually quite a few causes, I am finding (unfortunately - it would be a lot easier to treat if there were only one cause)....that said, if I don't have any luck with the latest shampoo I just purchased, I will probably try the one you recommended....thanks
  12. Iamwell

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    Before I went on the Marshall Protocol my hair would fall out if I took Vallium or Xanax. It also fell out when I tried to take beta-blockers. I was sensitive to lots of medications. I don't have that problem any more. When my mother was sick in the hospital I took a couple of Vallium a day for about two weeks and I didn't lose any hair at all. I can go for three or four days without washing my hair and when I do there is hardly any hair in the drain and only a few in my comb.

    My daughters hair was falling out and the only thing that made a difference was low dose Azithromycin. I only gave her 1/4th tablet every week.

    Also cured my dog's skin infection with low dose Azithromycin. I keep her on it for about 3 months. Nothing my vet did was helping and he would only give her a 10 course of amoxicilin. It would clear up the infection for a couple of weeks and then it would return. The Zith cured it for good and it didn't come back.

    Azithromycin lingers in the tissues for a long time so it is good for killing bacteria.

    Ask your doctor about trying Azithromycin for your hair.

  13. AuntTammie

    AuntTammie New Member

    someone else also mentioned this one....thank you for the suggestion (& the info about where to get it)
  14. AuntTammie

    AuntTammie New Member

    Is the theory behind taking this that some sort of bacteria is causing the hair loss? I have heard about the possibility of bacteria causing dandruff, but not hair loss (but it does make sense as a probable cause for some people's hair loss)....there are several possible causes, though, so if it is bacteria, azithromycin would help, but if it isn't, it wouldn't, and if it was a fungus, taking an antibiotic could actually make it worse

    anyway, at this point, I don't think that bacteria is the cause of my hair loss, but if nothing else winds up working, this is something to keep in mind....thanks
  15. cynicaldog

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    Most people who have thyroid lab work done don't have a test for thyroid antibodies. You can have Hashimoto's disease (an autoimmune disorder where your body destroys the thyroid gland) and still have "normal" lab results. Hashimoto's can cause symptoms of both an under- and over-active thyroid gland, and as other have said, hair loss is a very common symptom of an underactive thyroid gland.

    I'd go to a doctor and ask for a thyroid antibody test (or order it yourself online from a site like HealthCheckUSA.com if you don't have insurance ). If it comes back positive for thyroid antibodies, an endocrinologist will put you on thyroid replacement hormones. Even if you have a TSH in the normal range, being on thyroid hormones can help slow the progression of Hashimoto's.

    One last comment... just because a TSH is in the "normal" range, doesn't mean an individual isn't suffering from symptoms which could be ameliorated by supplemental thyroid hormones. Lots of doctors are getting smarter about this, and starting to treat the symptoms and not the lab results. It was my psychiatrist, of all people, who wrote a number of papers on the link between Hashimoto's and depression, and who advocated aiming for a TSH of between 0 and 1.
  16. Pansygirl

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    Amazingly I've always had reallly thick hair all my life and it still is to this day very thick.

    I believe if my hair wasn't thick the hair loss would be noticeable on me. It does amaze
    me how much of my hair I loose everyday. I shed hair more than my dogs do ~ how crazy is that.

    Hope you figure out something that will help your dandruff. Probably trying a variety of things kind of like with meds to see what works for you.

    Gentle hugs, Susan
  17. AuntTammie

    AuntTammie New Member

    just finished googling dandruff again......I have stopped losing hair, thankfully, but had already lost enough that it is still somewhat obvious and the texture seems to have changed a bit, too

    unfortunately, nothing is helping with the dandruff and it keeps getting worse (& itchy now, too).....and now that winter's here, I also have really bad static going on.....my hair is driving me nuts!!!! problem is that since I also have really bad MCS, experimenting with hair care stuff is causing all sorts of problems there, too......and I would love to cut my hair short (at least the hair loss and static wouldn't be as bad that way), but I have about a million cowlicks that show up if my hair is too short, so it become way too much work to have short hair....grrrr....I am seriously so close to just shaving my head (except then the dandruff would probably be more noticeable than ever)

    things I have tried for dandruff:
    supplements that are antibacterial & antifungal,
    B vitamins,
    fish oil
    using topically:
    tar shampoo (the absolute worst for MCS and did not help with the dandruff),
    Head and Shoulders (regular and extra strength),
    Nizoral (almost sent me to the hospital - couldn't breathe),
    T-Sal (fragrance free, but does not get rid of the dandruff),
    Nature's Gate Tea Tree Oil shampoo,
    Trader Joe's Tea Tree Conditioner,
    lemon juice, lime juice,
    aloe vera gel,
    witch hazel,
    colloidal silver (sort of seemed to work, but way too expensive to cont),
    coconut oil,
    apple cidar vinegar (didn't work and smelled awful, even after washing again with other shampoo),
    olive oil,
    baking soda,
    various essential oils

    I think that's everything, but I may be forgetting something......I have also tried washing it more frequently and washing it less frequently.

    ETA: I have also been on Armour thyroid.....I do have problems converting T4 to T3, but the meds made me feel bad, and once I started taking LDN, I stopped the Armour. I have had some problems with the LDN, but it does seem to be the reason that my hair stopped falling out.[This Message was Edited on 12/20/2009]
  18. butterflydream

    butterflydream New Member

    Just noticed your post here.
    For hair Fullness and body have you tried Mane N Tail (horse on bottle) comes in shampoo and conditioner 32 ounce bottle , each should be under $7 and goes a long long ways, takes very little. wal-mart & kmart do carry this and it may be sold in the pet department but is for humans too. This has thickened my hair so much. i even had my hair cut , thought the colicks
    would show but not with using the above. it has been great for me and i would not be without this. the more times i use the thicker my hair gets. No smell to it, at least i don't smell anything using these.

    Mayo is good for a dry treatment, good moisturizer but not too use daily, only when scalp and hair is super dry. You may not even need the mayo as a treatment using the above
    Mane N Tail shampoo and conditioner. Some days you may need to use something else cause in time your hair will thicken with much body.

    This is all a thought for you as this has does wonders for myself.

    Holiday Hugs
  19. bobbycat

    bobbycat New Member

    One of my meds caused my hair to come out by the hand full I quit taking it. I have the problem with the dandriff my dermotoligist has me alternate between a prescription med and head and shoulders. Hope this helps you online and check out your meds.
  20. AuntTammie

    AuntTammie New Member

    thanks for your responses....I will have to see what is in Mane and Tail, but it's good to know that it helps make hair thicker - if there don't seem to be any ingredients that will set off my MCS or allergies I might try the conditioner (still trying to find some shampoo for the dandruff)

    bobbycat - what is the prescription that your dr has you on for dandruff? I am talking to my doc (on the ph - can't drive far enough to go to his office) tomorrow and would love to know about this