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    thank you for the kind and thoughtful words.

    I think of you, too, wondering how you are doing and your outlook on life. I've not visited the board too much in the past 6 months in order for me to get to a place that will allow me to get a foothold. I'm working on myself spiritually by bettering my outlook on life. So many tough things have happened in the past 10 years which have slowly dragged me into an "emotional pit", if you will. I had a dream about 5 years ago that symbolically represented my "pitfall."

    It's necessary for me to pull my mind away from situations that stir my emotionsup too much in any way. From childhood I've had the uncanny ability to emphathize with others' pain and suffering. In particular if any pain (physical, emotional, etc.) involves my children my granddaughter, husband, I almost feel it physically.

    I must learn how to direct the emotions positively and have compassion and sympathy without situations deeply negatively affecting my emotions. Does this make sense?

    When Mom passed on last November it really affected me deeply. She not only was my mom, but my best friend.
    Watching Mom cope with Alzheimer's for 10 years being dxd at 57 years of age was extremely difficult. I'm so glad she's not suffering any more and surely she is in a better place and continuing her work to help others only in a different dimension. I pray this is true.

    Then there's the issue of my son's health: bipolar disorder, 3+ years of chronic knee, hip, back pain and his prickly heat which prevents him from exercising which certainly would help the aforementioned problems.

    I can't believe how much I've rambled on. I must need it. Thanks for reaching out to me - it means a lot.

    Keep me posted on how you're doing by posting to any of my posts that way I'll be alerted via my email box.

    May your troubles be few - blessed be!

  2. shinlee

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    for Daneen
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    Bump for D
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    I am so sorry for everything you are going through. My friend SUz said you had posted to me. She lives in Kansas City,just north of me and we got in touch through the live chat and have actually met.

    I too lost my Mother in November. November 15th,to be exact. It was quite unexpected,and I am quite sure it was caused by a doctors mistake.

    She apparently was ill with an asymptomatic kidney?bladderinfection that turned into a systemic e-coli infection. She was REALLY bad when she finally began exhibiting symptoms (freexing in warm weather,shaking etc). She wanted to take meds and go home rather than to the hospital. Was having throat problems that Dr. mistook for side effects of kidney infection. She ended up in hospital because she got so weak at home she fell forward out of chair and could not stand under her own power.

    Still mistook throat whick was just raw feeling to the point that she could not eat or swallow water for the infection. The started IV antibiotics(Rochephin)and of course the throat problem which was actually thrush (discovered 5 days later)got worse!!

    The idiots were also giving her ensure with sugar in it after I had asked my relatives to check this because of the thrush. SHe was going through hell!! Finally she got out.

    For some reason the doctor took her off plavix,she had fought blood clots all of her life and had been in ICU numerous times prior to starting plavix 6 yrs ago. Since Plavix she had not had one clot. # days after geting out of hospital she had a superficial clot...went to doc,he said it wasn't and she told him it was and that she had had enough that she knew. AFter tests,it was. Back on plavix. #days later I caslled at noon to check on her and my Dad said she was having the best day yet and was getting ready to dig into her paperwork.

    My Mom was a former banker and was very particular about keeping records. She had eaten well at lunch. HE called back around 5:15pm and was crying and said "I don't know how to tell you this but your Mother is dead." The neighbor who is like a 2nd Dad to me had to take the phone"

    I still have not gotten to question this doctor,but this guy and the ER doctor talked my Dad out of having an autopsy. They would have just had to look at her heart and lungs,only to get the answer. I am sure it was the cause,as this killed my Grandmother also. Mom was found leaning back in the chair with her mouth open (sorry). Dad had only been over helping the neighbor for about 10 min. before he returned to check on Mom. She had no hx of heart problems.

    Our family friends also lost their Mother aweek later,like your MOther,after a long battle with ALzheimers. I am so sorry this is so long. It is difficult when one has their own pain to feel,let alone when they are so clued in to the pain of other people also.

    I truly think my Mom had what I had and was sick like me all of her adult life,and it was set off by childbirth. I think her Mom was like us also. I am now a carbon copy of my Mom right down to the back problems. This is getting long so I will talk later. Please fill me in on treatment for you and your son. Your Friend, Daneen
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    Bump for Shinlee
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    Hope this finds you doing well friend! Daneen
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    Please update me on what you are doing for yourself and your son nowdays. The ligament stretch syndrome srticle you posted long ago was a real turning point in my treatment,as I have greatly reduced my frequent urination by treating both my hypothalamus and adrenals.

    I had to lay off the hypothalamus treatment because the liquid supplement I was using was alcohol based and didn't mix with the antibiotic I was on/may go back on.
    Thank you again for your help! Daneen
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    I want to address all your postings with much thought. I was so surprised to see that you, too, lost your mother in November 2005. It's tough isn't it. I have much to ask of and share with you and will do so soon. My granddaughter is visiting with me so it's likely I won't be visiting the board this week.

    Indeed, I will get back with you ASAP. Until then, Daneen, take good care of yourself.

    Hugs, love and light.

  9. neen85

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    I look forward to reconnecting with you soon! Yes,my friend Suz called me and said she had seen that you were looking for me and that you also had lost your Mother in November! I could not believe you were going through the very same thing as I. I hope your visit will refresh your spirits! With love, Daneen

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