Dangerous Blood Pressure Spikes

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by danitza, Aug 10, 2005.

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    I have a friend who also had Fibromyalgia and for the last year she has been taking holistic supplements. Over the course of this time she has had spikes (dangerous) and passed out and just the other day had to be taken by ambulance to the er. Her blood pressure shot up to 200 over 140. They have run all kinds of test and everything comes back normal. Anyone hear or have anything similar? Today I had a thought run threw my head about the natural supplements since every test she has shows nothing. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

    I started taking Tai Chi 1 time a week with MS patients and have found that that combined with stretching seems to make a difference in getting through the week better. The weekly Health and Wellness had an article about it so I tried it.
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    your BP to spike,I know that first hand after the past week.On three different occassion my BP was high due pain,I had a sudden attack of a very intense pain in my head nothing like my regular migraines.

    The first time it was 180/100 they ran alot of test,blood work,ekg,CT,spinal tap all came back normal.

    Second time was right after an cervical epidural steriod injection( I got that same type of headache as I was going into the OR) I was in recovery about 2 hours due to BP being up too high.Didn't have that problem the first time they did the injection.

    Third time,once again the headache from heck and the first reading was 206/98 and the triage nurse that was a false reading cause I was moving too much..Hello!! I'm in pain what do you expect..So she took it again and it was 220/102,and once again all the tests came back normal..

    So I would have to say pain really does play a role in BP being spiked..

    I hope your friend is feeling betteer soon and getting the help she needs,which I know is hard all to well..Take care,

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