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    I wouldn't usually post a link here, however, this is extremely important to any dog owners out there. Please read about Chai, the lab mix who had to have his tongue amputated due to getting it stuck in a ball made by Four Paws.

    The videos are not graphic, but they are heart rending. Think off all the things your dog does with his tongue; cooling system, cleaning, and probably the most important, drinking water!

    If the link has to be delted please Google "Four Paws dangerous" the link will come up.

    Please tell everyone who has a dog and boycott all products made by this company. There response to this incident, along with others mentioned in the blog, was to blow it off and to caterogorize the dog as "property". They were willing to pay for "property" damage!!


  2. stick2013

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    I just sent the link to several people that I know that have pets and toys very similar....

    Very sad, hopefully the dogs survives and learns how to eat, and drink again. Although keeping him cool will be difficult, because he can't pant without a tongue. So sad!!!!
  3. fibromickster

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    I didn't watch the video as my I cannot stomach those kind of things, however, I just wanted to say thanks for letting us know about this because I am always buying my Lab a new toy and if that happened to my doggy, I would be just heartbroken.

    Thanks Greenbean,

  4. victoria

    victoria New Member

    My daughter just took in 2 puppies, and I've passed this on to her.

    all the best,

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