Dangerous Herbs!

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    I was glad to find that the Mayo Clinic provides information on herbs and stated that the following are dangerous: Belladonna, Broom, Comfrey, Lobelia, Pennyroyal and Chapparal.. Some of these have been known to cause severe liver problems..

    On the positive side: They have information on what herbs not to mix with prescription and OTC drugs..

    Have education and advice on herbs, vitamins and minerals..
    YOu might want to check it out using MayoClinic (edited to remove URL)

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    Am careful to the amounts, and any reaction I may get. I always take half the recommended dosage to start, if I have a reaction, then I know to quit!

    I would never take Belladonna or Lobelia, just reading the side effects would stop me, they are really considered poison if you don't know what you are doing.

    As for the Confrey I took it for six months for ulcers, I grew it myself and made tea with the leaves. They helped me so much!

    My dogs would eat the raw leaves in the yard. I did not have a problem with it. But I did use it fresh, and made a weak tea with it.

    I have hundreds of books on herbs, very useful, they give lots of information.

    One that is great for meds and herbs is; 'The Natural Pharmcist (Drug-Herb-Vitamin Interactions Bible)' by Richard Harkness, Pharmcist, FASCP and Steven Bratman, M.D.

    It is really well written.

    Thanks for the info................

    Shalom, Shirl

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    Knowledge is power...I have heard of people suffering liver damage from the use of Chaparral, and even having to have a liver transplant...and there can be all kinds of interaction problems...especially with the blood thinning drugs and herbs...