Dangers of Statins

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    I hope I'm not the only one hearing about the push by FDA and Pharma for the new "guidelines" to push more people on to statins....These are pretty horrid drugs....

    Here is a link from Weston A Price Foundation and there are many more besides WAP

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    Well, Diane, I know it's true, and I've been talking to many others I talk to re: health and this issue has been talked about a lot....MOST of my friends are against the statins. A friend has Type 2 and really works to keep her health as good as she can and refuses the statins....

    Omega 3's are critical and I just ordered my second bottle of Jarrow Max DHA...and then, of course, there is the whole other school on this cholesterol issue and that homocysteine is the real culprit to heart disease. I've talked about this before here. My doc checks my homocysteine now for the last few years....I'm sure the conventional docs don't even bother, they go right to the cholesterol.....more money in the drugs....you know me!!!

    I have so much to say on this issue, but I'll close now. take care. jam
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    Diane, I have some Moducare left and I guess I should finish it...don't know what it did for me....

    Mary also talks about HCL for stomach acid to help with absorption.....and as we age our stomach acid depletes and I Forgot to buy it yesterday....I will soon thou.

    On MD's all I can say I've learned too much alternatively, so I'm really really jaded...

    I keep telling my rheumy NO to more calcium, I believe what I'm talking about about too much calcium going into our bodies....I sent her the info on Vit K, wonder if she is irritated.....too bad if she is....these docs don't do all the work I do on this research....and all the "smart" friends I've met of like mind...

    Hope Kevin takes care of his diet too and gets some exercise in, even good walks re: diabetes...My friend who is 82 really pushes herself to walk and her numbers come down when she MOVES. Later....jam
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    This is just plain scary re statins! It seems criminal they are pushing for more uses. We do have to educate ourselves more than ever - the practice of medicine (prescribing drugs) is getting scarier and scarier. And people have to take responsibility for their health with diet and exercise so they don't get pushed into taking dangerous drugs by their docs.

    I guess I sound like a preacher here. Jam, I know you feel as strongly about all this as I do, maybe even more so.

    Diane - another supplement that can help lower cholesterol is pantethine - a special form of vitamin B5 (pantothenic acid) - see: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/21925346

    Niacin is also supposed to be effective. I'm really glad to hear you won't take any more statins.

    And I'm sure you're aware that sugar and refined carbs like white flour, white rice etc. are also implicated in high cholesterol levels: http://www.scientificamerican.com/article.cfm?id=carbs-against-cardio

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    Mary, I believe it's more criminal than anything...and "we" are the small percent of people who do not follow the conventional world of medicine... I have good friends who do and many bridge ladies who do NOT and go along with their MD's....I've done my preaching so to speak with some of them, but just have to back off, I waste too much of my precious energy.

    Now, I know a drug can save a life, but they also take lives....so I'm just SO HAPPY I found the alternative world of healing a good 20+ yrs ago....

    Before pharma came on like gangbusters my parents and grands did their own healing, no labs back then...cholesterol was never a known word back then.

    Time to pop a B5 as I need to go out and need more energy....will take Ribose too, I still take it, do you? jam
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    Diane, we can't be perfect, who wants to be anyway. We all do our best and I even fall into have a piece of pizza when I get a big urge...I have a frozen small WF pizza in my freezer and keep resisting it...I'll have it one of these days....WF's sells slices and I indulge now and then....so not perfect....

    MY parents ate everything and lived into their 90's relatively healthy....so who is to say....maybe too many lab tests...ummmmm

    I take COQ10 for a long time, 200mg per day...

    I've never had the acid reflux but know a lot of people do..Peppermint is good for that....a lady reported taking WOW drops totally got rid of her reflux....I have a new post on WOW drops.... A neighbor has chronic reflux, she is a major vegan....go figure...

    Mary could answer that on reflux and HCL....maybe.

    Moderation and no overdosing on the not so good stuff for us. I'm still resisting all of TJ's sweets when I go there...they hit me in the face when you walk in their door.... Off to bridge today and having a turkey burger for breakfast.....later. jam
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    A friend sent an email showing eight doctors who have written books and/or articles exposing the harmful effects and lack of efficacy of statin drugs. As much as I’ve read on this topic, I hadn’t heard of five of them. One is Dr. Duane Graveline, a former Air Force flight surgeon and astronaut. If you want the heck scared out of you, Google Dr. Duane Graveline, M.D., and under the item headed Spacedoc, click on My Statin Story. I almost guarantee you’ll never go near a statin. I have NOT read this Graveline info yet, but will do so... jam
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    WHOA, I just read Dr. Graveline's "statin story" and boy did it hit home about a friend's recent downhill battle with his health, he's a bridge friend....he has been very ill with Parkinsonism symptoms, per his doc, losing muscle, speech and more....I just sent him this article via his friend...don't know whether he's on a statin but sure sounds like the symptoms Dr. Graveline experienced.....I would NOT go near those drugs....
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    Hi Jam and Diane - Good morning!

    RE HCL and acid reflux - if you do a little research you will find that many many cases of acid reflux are actually caused by low stomach acid. It's crazy but true. Here's something Richvank posted a long time ago, a simple test to check your stomach acid:

    "For those who haven't heard of the baking soda--burp test, it goes like this: On an empty stomach, drink a glass of water (about 8 oz.) into which you have mixed one-quarter teaspoon of baking soda (sodium bicarbonate). See how long it takes you to burp. If you haven't burped in two minutes, your stomach acid production is low."

    I've been taking HCL with meals (especially meals with protein or meat) for many years now with no bad side effects and it has helped my digestion a lot. My doctor says that most people when they get older produce less stomach acid. Before I started taking it I had recurrent problems with my gallbladder - no more problems now. I also eat well, but that wasn't enough - I needed the HCL.

    Yeah, I hate the itching and redness that niacin causes too. I read on Dr. Whitaker's website that if you take a baby aspirin 1/2 an hour before taking the niacin, it can help reduce the flushing. You don't need a prescription to take niacin. And I just read that plain niacin is the best - not niacinamide or non-flush niacin. He does say the side effects tend to lessen in a week or two. Maybe you could try a low dose? (not increase as your doctor suggested!) Dr. Whitaker recommends 1/4 cup of flaxseed, grind it up and add to smoothies etc. plus 500 mg. niacin twice a day for high cholesterol. Another doctor recommended fish oil for me.

    I get some lab test results tomorrow, annual blood work, and will be curious to see what my cholesterol is since I've been on the Moducare for roughly 6 months now. But I haven't been taking niacin ..... Though I have been taking psyllium fiber for quite awhile and fish oil.

    Yes, Jam, I do take d-ribose, have been faithfully for about 8 years now.

    I do take CoQ10 too, though I've never noticed any difference while taking it, but keep on doing it because we're supposed to - I'd love to cut out some of this stuff but am afraid to ---

    I just started taking the PQQ that Ian keeps suggesting. I think it is causing a mild headache and possibly a rash, both of which can be detox reactions, just don't know. I muscle tested very strong for it. It's supposed to help produce more mitochondria. So I'll keep it up for a little while and see how it goes.

    Oh- just read the article by Duane Graveline - wow. Anyone considering statins should read this. Then noticed at the bottom of the article that he has recently started taking PQQ too!

    We are such guinea pigs!

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    I'll do that "burp" test tomorrow morning...I had heard this before but didn't pay attention....For sure Dr. Graveline's story is huge....glad I got this info from another friend....althou, I wouldn't touch a statin. Other friends talked about people in their families who they are trying to get them off statins....one gal talked about her bf and his leg cramps and she got him off statins and they went away....
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    On this issue, I've been very bad this last year with processed deli meats and too much cheese, and believe that is why the LDL-P is so high, I've been doing resarch....off all those processed meats and hopefully it will reverse things....grrrrrrrrrr

    My integrative MD did a comprehensive lab tests recently and my HDL-C is 146 my cholesterol has always been good, I'm 75 and have been off Omega 3's recently but back on....
    But she did the LDL-P (particles) and this number came up too high, so t hey tell me 2216 and the optimal range is l000...
    How they come up with all these labs and numbers???!!!
    She tested Fibrinogen and this came up high 503....
    I can't exercise HARD/FAST since this G.D. messy hip replacement 3 yrs ago...it's changed my whole body and not for the better...I worked out my entire life and that's all changed...I stretch and use recumbent bike and walk where I need to go....it's been a mess to say the least since hip replacement...

    Looking up LDL-P here is what one man said about it all:

    You can't be so consumed about the numbers. I've been working out my entire life and eating healthy and my nubers are all out of whack according to what they tell us. The problem is what they tell us is not necessarily true. There are thousands and thousands of people who have high cholesterol numbers in the U.S. and never develop CHD. Same holds true on the other side. There have actually been many tests in other countries that show low cholesterol is not good either. In Switzerland they have the highest average cholesterol per person in the world and the lowest rate of CHD. How can that be? We have been brain washed to believe something that isn't true. Since the advent of cholesterol lowering drugs CHD rates the U.S. have not dropped, not even 1%. If the goal of these drugs is to lower cholesterol numbers, and they do, then why haven't CHD numbers fallen. The European Aborigines have the lowest average total cholesterol numbers in the world and have the highest rate of Coronary Heart Disease. There is no right formula as far as I can see. I have a neighbor that just had open heart surgery(he was a personal trainer for 20 years) and his total cholesterol was never above 180 and his HDL was always over 50(low tri's). Someone needs to bring these facts into light.
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    On this topic another woman talked her husband taking Statins, losing some of his memory and eats too much processed meats.......not good....thinks the statins will let him eat everything......not so.
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    Mary, just came back from the market, took my neighbor who no longer drives,,,she has horrible acid reflux issues and a kinda nausea almost every day...her gastro doc has her taking Gaviscon before bed, it's helping and she's tried SO MANY alternatives but to no avail.

    Talking about HCL to her and the burping issue, I hardly ever burp Mary, and she says she doesn't either, so could be low stomach acid for us....she's late 80's, and me mid 70's....so I will do the test tomorrow. we shall see. jm
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    I wish doctors would look at the issue of low stomach acid, but 99% of them don't. Even though Dr. Taylor has not been able to help with crashing, he has helped me in several other ways. I think he would say it's a no-brainer that your friend most likely has low stomach acid. Here's a link about self-testing: http://www.livestrong.com/article/493568-how-to-test-for-low-hcl-acid-in-the-stomach/ (very similar to what Rich Van K. recommended) Under step 4 they describe how to take HCL. I take swanson brand Hydrochloric acid with Pepsin. I used to take 3 or 4 before a heavy meal and now just 2 caps as my digestion has improved so much.

    Before I found out I was low in stomach acid, it would feel like food would just sit in my stomach like a stone. And if I ate a heavy meal, it was particularly bad.

    If you google "low stomach acid acid reflux" you'll find a lot of info.

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    Mary, I did the burp test and I burped immediately after drinking the water/BS...then I drank my MSM drink which I drink every morning anyway and burped again.....

    Now I said I don't burp much, but maybe I do and don't notice it...they are mini type burps not big loud ones.....as I imagine a burp would be....

    Now, wonder if I should NOT get some HCL....in spite of my aging body....

    Good test.....jam

    My food seems to sit in my stomach, maybe I eat too much.......smaller portions and I thought I did this but I can overdo portions too when I like something....like the chili I made again yesterday, it is sooo good...All turkey meat this time....added crimini mushrooms, yum.....
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    Hi Jam - I don't know what to say. You may not need HCL after all. But the feeling of food just sitting in your stomach can be a symptom of low stomach acid. So, you might try taking some HCL just to see if it helps - see the livestrong article I linked above for a good method of how to introduce it to your system; and/or , I'll go back to my old standby - muscle testing. I'd go to the SM Homeopathy or wherever they do it and get checked.

    I got my blood work back today. Everything is pretty good, cholesterol is still a bit high, but lower than before - 235 total cholesterol and 159 LDL. But my nurse practitioner actually listens to me, I told her about my diet and she said to just keep on doing what I have been. I think I may try taking niacin - I've been taking niacinamide but read that it's not as effective as niacin re lowering cholesterol. My CHOL/HDLC ration is good - 4.1, supposed to be under 5.0 and I think this is the important number.

    Some years ago Dr. Taylor did a test on the size of my cholesterol molecules and it was very interesting. I think they were large and bouncy (sounds strange I know!) instead of small and compact (or the other way around). In any event, he said this was more important than cholesterol numbers and that my cholesterol was the good size so even though my number has been a bit high for many years, it's not a problem. I will have to dig out this old test. I've never had another doctor do it.

    I've been taking the Moducare for my immune system and any benefit for cholesterol numbers is just an extra benefit.

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    Mary, I just did our "finger" muscle testing for HCL and then asked pendulum and I got a negative.....so I'm not going to buy any now. But, I called my neighbor who has horrible acid reflux and losing weight as she can't eat as she gets upsets and then the reflux etc....she's tried a lot of stuff and I convinced her to do the baking soda test in the morning...she will. I found a LOT of links on reflux and HCL. I don't have those reflux issues nor heartburn...she said her father was forever taking baking soda after eating....so maybe a lot of genetics too there and maybe just low stomach acid.

    Your labs for cholesterol are fine...my latest one was UP in all areas: total 237, HDL 70, LDL 146...last years labs were all lower in these numbers....and I did say above in some comments that I slacked off on Omega 3's last year and was eating all that horrrible deli meat (comfort foods).. So I'm off all those meats and cheese and faithful with Max DHA from Jarrow...

    When I was active with Weston Price our group leader talked about her 300 total cholesterol and she consumed coconut oil a lot....Price people are big on CO and not big on the cholesterol "myth"....

    So much info out there, so much bad info too, and too many millions taking statins from their MD's...did you read about the woman above who's husband is on statins and is having a lot of issues including memory loss, she said he eats horribly . and believes the statins are his answer....

    Take care and I'm glad I did the BS test this morning. Thanks for the push. jm
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    Latest News from Anderson Cooper on CNN last night.....

    They had a segment on the "new" guidelines and how they are being questioned by many. Dr. Gupta was talking to Anderson about this and Anderson who is 44 as I recall said he's been on statins for many years....Claims no muscle joint pain but went on to say his memory is not what it should be, he's 44 which is young young...

    Gupta went on to say 24Million are taking statins and if the new guidelines happen, that number could go to 70Million....I won't be in that number.....

    But if I were in the stockmarket and loved this drug, I'd sure look into the companies who produce statins...I'd NEVER buy stock based on drugs that do harm....
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    Nanie, I have not checked the links yet, but will... I've heard of Dr. Lundell from others re: inflammation...