Dangers of Statins

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    An RN's confession....I've met this lady on another health group and we've been talking about the statins and here is her confession from an RN's point of view:

    Jam, I can sympathize with you on lunch meat and cheese!! That is what I usually ate every evening before I changed my diet-and my husband still eats that most of the evenings. I never was much of a cook. And I grew up and lived in Wisconsin for my first 35 years of life. CA may have happy cows, but the cheese here in CA cannot compare with the purely wonderful cheese of WI! I’m serious. So, not eating lunch meat and cheese was a big hurdle for me when I changed my eating habits.

    The more I read about statins, the more I want to write or call everyone I know and tell them NEVER to take even one statin pill. This whole statin-cholesterol-heart disease triad is a huge, awful deception that Big Pharma is playing on the American people, the majority of whom blindly follow their doctor’s advice. Most people don’t look up or investigate anything about the drugs the doctors tell them to take.

    I was an RN for 30 working years (I still keep my license up-to-date, so I’ve been an RN for closer to 40 years), and I was so brainwashed at college and nursing school through the UW-Madison system that I actually believed Western medicine (which involves taking drugs) was the only true way to practice medicine. If only I would have been exposed to diet and supplements as the means to health, I probably wouldn’t have gone through all the major health problems I have had for years.

    I would encourage everyone to research any drugs your doctor puts you on. Don’t just blindly believe that your drugs will help, so that if you take them, you’ll be so healthy. Most doctors are also innocent victims of their education, like I was. It’s just that most of them don’t believe the natural way works, and they are so busy trying to remember all the rules and regulations of their facilities, their insurance plans, their standards of care, and now the government has standards they must meet, they have no time or motivation to research diet, supplements, and natural therapies.

    WE, as individual patients, have to do our research alone or with the help of wonderful websites, and people like you who have done research already and are so willing to share with newbies, like me!
    Sorry for the long soapbox speech.
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    Heard the tail end of Dr. Joel Wallach on Coast to Coast radio last night and his parting words were, people need to get off statins, we need cholesterol and these statins lower chol too much, low chol is more fuel for diabetes and alzheimers....here is a youtube of Wallach's...

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