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    Wanted to know how your doc visit went today.

    Anne C
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    Antsy, antsy in the pantsy (as they say)
    I am doing pretty darn good. Got my appt with the heart doctor tomorrow and managed to gather all of my past tests.

    Dan and a friend had taken a wall down between two rooms, and then discovered one floor was two inches lower. So we had to put down a framework of threequarter inch strips then put big heavy sheets of three quarter inch ply over that. A LOT of heavy work, cutting, fitting, carrying. MOving electrical wiring etc. I amazed myself by actually being able to help Dan do this, did about equal work except for nailing. So you can see my flare is going going gone(maybe). I mean two weeks ago I could hardly lift a tea cup.

    The amitryptiline helped, but it made my dizziness come back. I switched back to the valium and it has helped along with simethicone or activated charcoal(for the abdomen pain and bloat) and some new multivitamin/mineral, just two tylenol a day, and asprin BUT I cut down to 10mg of the Prilosec most days. It is also better weather or was till today.I also ate some chocolate even though I am allergic.

    I keep wondering if I am going to pay for this spurt of energy and stength. I still have the side pain somewhat and the leg a bit and the neck a bit but all much reduced.

    Oh Found a classroom for Danny jnr. a few mins walk away. We had to make application and it is by competition with screenings and LOTS of applicants for few vacancies for September. SChool has 112 places in his section. We are pinning our hopes on this as there is zilch else. Home school is all. OH AND I gave a 2plus hour lecture on autism last week. I cannot believe this. I also think my new doctor is a true healer, hands on type, as he made me feel so much better just via the examination.

    Well Danielle hope your day went as well as mine. Do post I have been worrying about you today. And Wake DO try the activated charcoal for your bloat.

    Love AnneC

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