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    Hi. so nice to meet you. i am so sorry to here about all that you are going threw. I know that it can be so hard i got PPD after my secound son was born two years ago and then came the anxiety. . . I hate it
    But i look at it like it could be way worse than what it is the PPD is gone but i still suffer from some around that time of the month but the paxil cr that i take cures that well.LOL
    I am so glad that you responed to me thanks, I am aways looking for new friends since i have a hard time keeping the ones here at home due to the fact that i am married with kids and the other girls that are 23 are t school and going to parties. so they stay around for awhile untill they relize that i can't go out every time they can. And that i am more grown up then them.LOL
    But please take care of your self things well get better i know it well. . . Nice to meet you.
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    Hi again Allison, I hope this has been a good day for you.I know it must be very hard on you to have 2 young children and trying to have friends your age without children.Your the one with it all though. I know it's tough taking care of little ones I have 2 grand daughter that are unmarried and 1 has 1 child ,she works and goes to college.She is in her 3rd year and then she will be off to Law School.Her little boy is 4 years old and she will be 23 this year,so you can see it has not been easy for her. I admire her for all she is trying to accomplish but she gets so tired and I think she may have Rheumatoid Arthriris also.It's not been confirmed but the Doctor thinks something is going on and they just don't know yet. The other one is 28 and she has 3 children and her B.friend has 1 .I babysit for her and him and the kids range in age from 8 yr's old down to 3 yrs old.So I do understand how hard it is. I admire you for all the effort you put into your life. Those people that are out partying and have no children don't have a clue what it's like. Your children are a beautiful gift from God and even though it's hard now as time goes by it will get easier,so hang in there girl.My 28 yr old grand daughter has Poly arthritis which is about the same thing as Rheumatoid .She has a much harder time than the younger one. She also has thyroid desease and had to have her thyroid removed so now she will need to take thyroid meds for the rest of her life.She also works outside the home and I really don't know how she keeps going. I don't know why some people have life so easy and others have to stuggle through it. But I do know that your children will bring you alot of joy and love.Maybe you will find some friends your age on this board that have children that you could share experinces with I hope so .But if that takes some time.I'll be here for you to talk to anytime. My E.Mail add is in my profile if you'd like to E.Mail me feel free to do so. God Bless and by for now. ..Danisue