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    I have read many off your post.I like to know more about you.I am the lady with early alzheimer.I am 50.
    I love your way with words and so gald we found each other.I think you could .I hope you have a journal and write your post in it for your family or any one that read it someday.Also Danny your could think about teaching or doing DEvO. God has blessed you.Garnette
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    Well thank you very much. I'm 42 yrs old and from Baytown,Texas, but live in nearby Crosby. It is just east of Houston. I've been married for 18 yrs and 4 kids, 23 yr old daughter, she has two little boys. And that makes me a young Grandpa. Dawn is from my first marriage at 19. But I've been married the secong time 18yrs and have 3 more kids, a 16 yr Boy-Caleb, and 10 yr old Boy/Girl twins- Elijah & Alyssa. They certainly give me strength and much joy.

    I've been reading some of your post also, and /I see it must be difficult for you. I will certainly include you in my prayers. You know I've always prayed, but not all the time. I've always had problems with depression and fought taking meds for yrs. Well last year I started having vision problems, which are related to me have RK eye surgery back in the 80's. I was severely nearsighted, Well when my vision started giving problems, I went to many Eye drs and the Optometrists. My eyes fluctuate alot and my near vision does also. Changes alot from day to day. Well I developed Anxiety from this and my Depression got much worse also. Afraid to get out of the house. Well since February, I've been on many Meds, but finally went to the right Physchartrist and am now on Lexapro and /Klonopin for anxiety. During this time, I started here on the Depression boards and it felt ok for awhile, but kinda got me down. I found this Worship board and many great people and everything for me changed. I pray constantly for others and thank the Lord always for blessing he has given me. I feel that the Lord gives me the words to often. Thank you Lord.

    I haVE thought about a writing a Journal lately. I'm starting to pray about that ,but /I feel it'll be a good thing. I used to keep things inside, but getting things out either in writing a journal or here on the boards, it helps me tremendously.

    I've never thought about teaching. I know I go to Church regularly, Maybe somthing there. /I don't know.

    What is Devo?

    Please, if you do nothing else, Pray all the time.
    I always start my prayers my thanking God for the blessings hes given me, thinking of others and praying for them, and if there is something specific you need, ask for it. The Lord will give you what you need, but we have to give to him also, either in praying for others, living a life that please him, witnessing, etc.

    please tell me more of yourself and your life.
    Any kids , pets, etc. What kinda hobby you may help.
    Fill me in.

    But you will always be in my prayers.
    Dear Lord, please hear my prayers for Garnette. She needs your guidance thru her hard times. I pray that you walk with her, holding her hand, and let her feel your presence.
    Give her the comfort, peace, and strength to endure whatever she is faced. Guide her closer to you and just lift her up high in knowing that you are the almighty, and anything can be done thru you. In Jesus name,amen.

    Danny in Texas.

    If you ever need to write me personally, my email is

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