Dannybex... how did your friend with severe MCS get so improved? rop

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    Was it from the vit D? I saw this in your reply to someone else on here. MCS is making my life hell right now... :( I have a small amount of a facial cleanser and moisturiser that doesn't cause me to feel violently ill (the companies discontinued) and when they run out I know I'll feel horrendous all the time... I've not got the kind of facial skin you can just wash and leave. It's ultra dry and I have rosacea. I've tried plain jojoba and still feel sick with that! This is all I think about. My eyes get raw when I try to wash with just water aswell.
    Any info about how your friend almost reversed her MCS would be greatly appreciated.
    If you are still in touch with her and don't mind, would you be able to find out what facial skincare she uses?
    The MCS is the worst part of this for me...I seem most reactive to things that absorb into my skin. Thanks so much, Shelbo
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    Help needed here too with MCS - I would love to know howw to reverse this - it is making me into a hermit!

    Love Bunchy x
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    I'm glad I just happened to see your post! I usually stop by for a few days every other month or so, then disappear for a while.

    I don't know ALL the specifics, but I should be able to get in touch with her, and perhaps she'll post on this board. Her husband (besides working a full time job) runs the biggest CFSFM yahoo group, and I think she helps moderate that as well, so it might take a little while.

    I do know that besides slowly increasing her vitamin D intake, along with the nutrients that work with vitamin d, like calcium, mag, boron, etc., (and possibly some antibiotics, but not sure on that) she did do some things that some might consider 'silly'. But in other cultures, like asian countries, these therapies -- I think it was Reiki healing -- are very important, and they helped her a great deal. How? I don't know, but I think she couldn't have even considered trying it -- in fact she couldn't leave the house -- until she was feeling better after 6+ months of slowly increasing her "d".

    I'm not sure, but I don't think she uses much (if any) moisturizers or makeup-type products. Everything you put on your skin is absorbed.

    Are you taking any essential fatty acids? Your rosacea could or may be in due part to a fatty acid imbalance? If it's ultra dry -- like mine is in certain spots -- then you may be able to fix it from the inside, rather than the outside -- and fix it PERMANENTLY. It could also explain your dry eyes?

    Patricia Kane PhD has an (expensive) test for fatty acid imbalances, and has found that most of her patients actually are taking way too much Omega 3's (like fish and flax), and not enough omega 6 (from evening primrose oil). So you might try a good search and see what you turn up.

    My skin is better than 4 months ago...(I couldn't afford the test, so I'm slowly increasing my fats (plus including l-carnitine to help the fats get to where they need to go) by taking 2-3 EPO's a day, plus 1-1 1/2 fish oil caps a day.

    I'll see if I can get ahold of my friend and get back to you re her recovery steps. It might take a few days, but now I can find the thread, so I'll get back to your ASAP.


    p.s. Also, we had a guy come speak to our group about 2 years ago -- bad MCS w/a mold issue -- and he was VERY adamant about never drinking anything out of a plastic bottle. He carried a glass bottle wherever he went. And he's recovered as well.

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    There is a doctor that specialzes in MCS - her name is Dr Grace Ziem. She has a website called www dot chemicalinjury dot net. She lists protocols for recovery - it might be helpful to you. I hope so!

    God Bless,

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    Sorry it's taken so long to get back to you all.

    I've emailed my friend Laurie a few times during the last week, and then the holiday got in the way, and here it is a week later!

    But, after asking her quite a few questions, hopefully I can piece together some sort of reply. ONE THING TO KEEP IN MIND ALWAYS, IS THAT WHAT WORKS FOR SOMEONE, MAY NOT WORK FOR SOMEONE ELSE. :)

    Also...I'm sure to most of you, this will sound really "woo-woo", and almost like a scam.

    I was skeptical about other energy medicine protocols, like Gupta's, and Reiki, until I saw people in my own CFS group get well (from 70-95% recovered for over 2 years now), by giving these things a try. Still, it is definitely stepping way outside the box. Anyway...

    I think I'll just quote from her email:

    Yes, originally I took abx and anticoagulants and niacin mostly and got to about 60%. Then I tried Reiki, which helped generally very well, and also started taking vitamin D3 and I still do. We still monitor coagulation. (They recommend the Hemex labs HRTP and ISAC panels. Expensive, and I don't know if they're necessary or not.)

    Energy medicine, like Reiki, is not so much a protocol as it is a process,
    so it's hard to give specifics about how this is done. You can't go into it
    expecting specific results either, but overall there can be quite a bit of

    Both D3 and Reiki helped, but the most significant help for me was BodyTalk.
    It is an energy therapy, or energy modality, that is fairly recent, about 15
    years old, and started by an Australian chiropractor/acupuncture instructor.

    (She heard about it from her mother, who had heard an interview on the radio.)

    Two and a half years ago I went to a BodyTalk practitioner with a laundry list of symptoms and the day after my first session I woke up in the morning with no nausea at all, for the first time in months, so I was pretty impressed.

    It took several sessions of BodyTalk to get to 90%, and it was a gradual process.
    I also began to notice at one point that I didn't need to flee from perfumed people, and it steadily improved.

    Some chemicals still bother me, but it isn't as severe, and some I know I just want to avoid
    because I know they are toxic. But mostly I go almost everywhere I want to now, and even stayed in a hotel that had air fresheners in the hallways and arrived home with the stuff on my clothes. I didn't like it, but wasn't sick. So that is a huge change. (I remember her husband telling me about this a year or two ago.)

    The technique uses a kind of muscle testing to find out where the body's energy imbalances are, and once these are located the practitioner highlights them and taps over the head, to "wake up" the brain so it can make the corrections. And then the practitioner taps over the heart to get these energetic corrections stored in the energetic field. It may sound
    pretty woo woo, but our bodies are all energy, so it's not that outlandish, just a different mindset.

    The idea is that our bodies have an innate wisdom that knows how to heal.
    This is from chiropractic, I believe. If you cut yourself, you don't have to tell your body how to heal the cut, and it's the same with your body's balances. But sometimes the brain gets sidetracked because of illness, stress, toxins or accidents. And it's the innate wisdom that the practitioner is addressing.

    BodyTalk is very subtle and safe, and effective in my experience.

    (There are practitioners all over the country...but they can be expensive (about $100 a session) although she said that some students might offer a cheaper rate.)

    As she said: "For those who aren't in a position to pay, there are regularly new crops of students who would do it for nothing because they have to do a large number of practice sessions in order to take the certification exam."

    She ended the last email by saying: "With BodyTalk, and also Reiki, I sometimes had a noticeable improvement after a session, but most of the time I just gradually felt generally
    better, a little more robust, sleeping a little better, handling things better, but I couldn't necessarily put my finger on what WAS better. I just noticed that my life was gradually opening up and I was feeling improvement."

    So that's her story.

    If this is too expensive, or just too 'wacky' sounding, then at the very least, I personally would highly recommend the "Energy Medicine" book from the library for FREE (although it is a little unorganized!)...or the "Energy Medicine Kit", which contains a DVD and CD and an instruction book, which you can get online, or even get on Ebay (the last I saw was for $21?). Several people in our local group have been helped -- gradually -- by that book/kit, and then have moved on to other things.

    I hope this is helpful? At least it might be worth looking into...

    Best regards,


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    for Shelbo and all...
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    ...just in case you missed it. :)


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