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  1. Rosiebud

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    how was your holiday - if you've told us about it elsewhere, sorry. Just let me know which post it is on.

    Lovely to have you back and I'd like to hear about it.

  2. mollystwin

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    Holiday was great! Thank you for asking. We got home on Friday, and I've been a bit out of it since Saturday.

    We were in Florida for a week. The weather was a bit cool and we did get some rain, but it wasn't enough to stop us from swimming everday at the ocean and the pool.

    My grand daugther loved the ocean and the pool!! This was her first time in Florida and the ocean. She is a water baby for sure!

    Because Easter was so early this year a lot of the seniors were still there and they enjoyed watching my grand daughter swim and play in the water. She had a constant smile on her face!

    I felt good the entire time we were gone, but started feeling poorly yesterday and again today. Missed Molly's hubby's 50 b day party today!! But my hubby and son went.

    Thanks for asking! Forgot to post about it because there has been so much going on since I've been home.


    PS Check out my profile pic. It's me grand daughter's bathing suit pic.

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  3. Rosiebud

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    your wee grandaughter is beautiful, she looks so happy. I had to do a double take as she looks so much like my daughter when she was a little girl - in that photo anyway.

    I'm glad you enjoyed your break but of course you 'have to pay the price' when you get back, it's a pity you had to miss Molly's husband's 50th.

    Hope you recover soon.