Dara, good to know..thanks...called my Senator's ofc tda..

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    I will pass ur info by my attorney bec I truly want to wrap this thing up asap so I can move on with my life.

    I also called my Senator's ofc tda and only got to the assistant of the person who handles ss issues. He took my name and number and I asked if he didn't need more info than that and bottom line is they won't do anything until I'm denied again at reconsideration. Thanks alot! Told me I have to be patient ( I almost let him have it then!) Then I kindly and calmly explained that I have no plm going thru the process but I don't want to spend any more time in it than is fair.

    Psych eval is done..waiting for the report and I guess only thing left to do is dr's ltr. My lawyer said the one my cfs dr did the first time was awful...any ideas how to tactfully get a better one out of him??? He asks me to make an appt and I sit w/ him in his ofc while he types it...usually pasting in generic info from an old report. He's a great dr..always willing to work w/ me, but his report was really weak last time.

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    I know that somewhere I saw a sample letter for a doctor to write regarding SSD. I don't remember if it was the site by Dr. Robert Bennett at OHSU or if maybe it was in one of my many books on FM. You might try checking out the Dr. Bennett sight though first. Let me know if you find it.
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    I have been looking for people who have also tested postive
    for cigua. Would like to make contact either email or phone
    if possible. I know 7 others who have also tested positive
    and maybe hoping to get a message group together. Do you
    any others who are positive for the cigua toxin?