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    Hi all, does anyone have really dark almost black blood. I noticed this when I had an IV the other day and there was some blood return. The nurse said it means I have problems. No kidding? Anyhow, I didn't get a chance to ask the Dr. so I was wondering if anyone knows what it could mean? Thanks, Jess
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    Jess, have you been checked for hemochromatosis? It is thought of as (probably) a hereditary disorder, but it can skip around generations.

    My MIL had it but didn't discover it until she was in her 70s. She said her blood was dark as well. While there are general rules about when 'most' develop symptoms, anyone can develop symptoms at any time.

    What it is - is an overload of iron in the blood, which will ultimately destroy your liver. The remedy is easy if you do have it, and that's just to have blood taken until your iron levels come down.

    You CAN NOT find out from a simply iron level blood test - this can be misleading. Hemochromatosis btw can cause joint pain, fatigue, a whole list of symptoms.

    Go to the American Hemochromatosis Society- www.americanhs.org -and you can order the necessary tests yourself without having to convince your doctor, if necessary. You can also read about it there.

    It is also called the 'celtic curse'...... but again, most of us have mixed heritages, so anyone could have it.

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    Now that I'm on heparin for hypercoagulation it's much more like normal blood. Do you know your sed rate?