Dark chocolate (milk=whey?)

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by SpiroSpero, Jul 22, 2008.

  1. SpiroSpero

    SpiroSpero New Member

    Hi all,

    does anyone know if dark chocolate produced with whey does encounter the same problems as when you drink milk to it or produce the dark chocolate with milk?
    I started eating dark chocolate with 60% cacao but it contains whey and I'm not sure if this whey reduces the effect of flavonoids or is helpful (gluathione?). Here's the article:

    Antioxidants in Dark Chocolate
    Dark chocolate -- but not milk chocolate or dark chocolate eaten with milk -- is a potent antioxidant, report Mauro Serafini, PhD, of Italy's National Institute for Food and Nutrition Research in Rome, and colleagues. Their report appears in the Aug. 28 issue of Nature. Antioxidants gobble up free radicals, destructive molecules that are implicated in heart disease and other ailments.

    "Our findings indicate that milk may interfere with the absorption of antioxidants from chocolate ... and may therefore negate the potential health benefits that can be derived from eating moderate amounts of dark chocolate."

    Translation: Say "Dark, please," when ordering at the chocolate counter. Don't even think of washing it down with milk. And if health is your excuse for eating chocolate, remember the word "moderate" as you nibble.

  2. msSusan

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    In my case milk isn't the issue it's the SUGAR that the bars contain. A few I've found contain less than 10 grams per serving. I don't think I have a dairy/casein issue.

    SUGAR causes me lot's of pain even when only ingesting small amounts. Even honey, agave and brown rice syrup causes widespread pain.

    I also think the caffeine and antioxidant components cause a problem. Sometimes very racy after eating small amount.
  3. SpiroSpero

    SpiroSpero New Member

    ye, same here. Sugar is a problem for me but not that much. The Caffeine however doubles my heart rate sometimes and this definetly is a problem.
  4. cct

    cct Member

    I stopped eating chocolate because of the milk (yes, whey is a milk product), the sugar, and the caffine!

    Every once in a while, I will get some semi-sweet milk-free gluten-free chocolate chips from the health food store. They taste wonderful!
  5. harmony21

    harmony21 New Member

    I just eat it and milk choccy as well

    enjoy it regardsless guys

    angel hugs and blessings


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