Dark circles under the eyes

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    I have a question about dark circles under the eyes, Iv'e had them for about 5 years now. I'm a 21 year old male and I'm in good health. I dont smoke and only drink occasionaly. I eat well and sleep well also. No one in my familiy has dark circles under thier eyes so I dont think it's hereditary. When I was a baby I had jaundice. So I think it may be something to do with my liver or kidneys because lately Iv'e been getting weird pains in my left side. What can I do to look into this even more? I dont want to wait to long just in case. Will a blood and urine test show all problems? If not what can I do?
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    To get the ball rolling, I would make a appt. to see a Dr. and have a complete physical..Ask to have complete blood work done and urine..Pains in your left side??? Your liver is located along the right rib area..I wouldn't get too upset yet, a lot of babies are jaundice when born and go on to have a healthy life..But for starters, I think it's time to have a good physical..Years ago, there was a saying if someone had dark circles under their eyes it indicated a low blood count..Just go to a dr. and get checked over good, it might not be anything at all.......
    Best Wishes.............Donna
    **Keep us updated, please!!!!!
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    It's really hard for anyone on this board to determine what the cause may be. I agree you really need to see a doctor.I do know that Dark circles can be hereditary,but, you should have yourself checked out.If you don't have any insurance coverage then maybe there is a free clinic by you . We have one here where I live in Indiana. At any rate good luck to you and if it is your kidney it's not something you should put off getting checked out. By for now Danisue
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    i read somewhere that it can come from a allergic reaction to all the chemicals and preservatives in food, try eating food without for a while. goodluck with that
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    I just remembered something..When my son was about 7yrs old, he was always getting sick, the one day our regular doc was not in and we saw another one, he took one look at my son (before checking him out) and said, your son has allergies.. I just looked at him, he said, he has dark circles under his eyes and I believe a lot of his illness could be allergy related..Well we then made an appt. with an Allergist and sure enough, this dr. was right..
    Something to think about..You can always get skin testing done to rule out any allergies..
    And you can develop allergies at any time in your life, just like when children are young and have allergies, they often "outgrow" them......
    Take Care.........Donna