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    I got a new doc. that I've seen 3 times. He diagnosed me with RA. The last time I saw him I told him about some significant problems I had that I believe is related to FM. To make a long story short, he thinks I'm a hypocondriac (I'm sure!). I looked for a rheumy, but later found out there is a Fibro doc in town. I MUST have a refferral from my primary to get to him though. I checked twice already. So what's the problem, you ask. Well, my primary won't do the refferral, he have not replied to my request. What do I do? get a new primary that I don't know if he believes in Fibro, and another one, and another one? I don't know, this town is small, there's only so many to go around, and the fibro doc is around the corner! I spoke to the nurse of his and she said I MUST have the refferral. I guess what I'm saying is HELP! I am tired, sick and frustrated. I know I have fibro aftyer much research and having 3 family members with it, I just wasn't fortunate to get the diagnosis straight because of ignorant docs. I am sick of being treated this way! This doc. knows nothing about me and what I have contributed to the world. He should know I didn't start seeing any doc until 2 years ago, then for BP stuff and some aches and pains. I didn't go to any docs for centuries! I've been sick, yeah, but I always was. It just got too muych for me lately. My mom said "you got Fibro, I know you do". She got diagnosed 10 yrs ago. She said after all she learned about it, she knows she had it for MANY years and she knows I had it too. Enough ranting now! A pet on my head or a suggestion is welcome,,,LOL!
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    Unfortunately I can empathize because I have had my fair share of PCPs would didn't believe in fibro or my pain. About 1 1/2 years ago I found a wonderful PCP who does believe me and who is willing to try and help me (we haven't been successful, but at least he tries). I honestly would suggest you put some feelers out and try to find recommendations on a new PCP. Ask around and talk to someone who has already met with a new doctor. Unfortunately, insurance companies like to make you jump through hoops to get anything covered. Since the fibro doc is requiring a referral (and you have already tried to get around it)- you will probably have to find a new primary doc to give you one.

    I will keep you in my prayers and hope you can find a wonderful doctor who can help you with this DD.

    Soft hugs,
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    It's so frustrating when you get a doctor like this. I was fortunate that my PCP recognized the signs and sent me to a rheumy and I didn't even know what FMS was yet.

    My rheumy gave me a brochure from the Arthritis Foundation about Fibromyalgia. Maybe you could order one off of their web site at arthritis.org and show it to your PCP doctor and point out how many of the symptoms you have. You might be able to call the rheumy's office to see if you can at least get this brochure from them to show to your doctor.

    If not it's time to try a new PCP. Change can be a positive step.

    Good luck on getting the medical care you deserve.

    Take care,

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    Huggi buggies to ya all! Donno what I would do without ya here on the board!

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    contacting the office manager of the Fibro doc and finding out the names of some of the local doctors who DO refer patients to him?

    They surely have that info and I would think they'd be willing to share it with you under the circumstances.

    Then all you'd have to do would be find a way to get in to see one of those doctors for your referral.

    Best wishes,
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    I thought of that too, it's a long way, but shorter than running blind to new docs.

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    asking the Fibro Doc which GP's refer to him. It might help if you have the name of a few who you live close to, to start with.

    Also, what about calling the rheumy offices around you and asking if they treat FM? Some rheumies believe in and treat FM, and some don't. You should be able to tell even by how the receptionist or nurse answers that question, how each rheumy feels about FM.

    There is also the Good Doc list that you can get to through here, for FM docs in your state. It is not a comprehensive list, but one made up of patients who recommend them or the doctors posting for themselves. Either way, you know these docs believe in FM!

    Good luck. You deserve to find a doc who will at least consider FM as part of the diagnostic process.