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    hello there ,,i was wondering if you can help me i just request for reconsideration on my claim for ssd my first claim was denied it`s been about a month and half since i sent it off ,,first did you go this far? and how long do you think mine will take? if you have any idea let me know ,,,,,gmom,,,
  2. gmom605

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  3. darude

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    First I am in Canasa so I applied for CPP. I won on reconsideration and that took six months. I had every test repeated that initially was normal. Most of these tests then came back abnormal. i was found to have diabetes, mri showed lesions, chest xrays showed what looks like partial collapsed lung and blood tests showed positive ANA. As i said in beginning ALL tests were normal so I guess it takes ahile for these things to show up. I would say get an MRI of brain and spine and repeat blood tests and chest xrays.

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