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    My daughter was released last night by the psychatirst. She was put on Zoloft for the sadness and feelings of worthlessness, failure etc .... I pray this and the therapy will work. I have read all the warnings about the meds but feel it is not the meds that cause the problems but the depression itself regarding suicidal tendencies - I pray I am right!!!!

    PLEASE .... continue to keep her, Jessy, and ALL of us in your prayers as she and we work to get her on the road to her old happy self. So that she feels like the special child of God that she is. Loved, beautiful, smart, with so much to LIVE for. And that she will not allow the pressures from school and my illness to get her down.

    Please also pray we find the RIGHT therapist for her to work with and that her teachers REALLY understand what has happened and will not hold this last 9-weeks of grade drops against her and allow her to start fresh after spring break.

    I thank ALL of you for all you prayers and good thoughts.

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    I know how difficult it is when one of our children are ill and having problems. As a mother, I know, you are suffering right along side her and more so, because you have a mothers heart.

    Dear Heavenly Father;

    I come to You in the mighty Name of Jesus, our Redeemer, and lift up to You Janines daughter, and the entire family.

    Lord, Your Word says NOTHING can separate us from Your love that is in Christ Jesus. Lord, Please let Janines daughter open her heart to Your great love and peace.

    I ask for healing for her, her emotions, her soul, her thinking. Lord, draw her close to Your heart where she can find solace and purpose. Let her know, I pray that You have put her here in this time of history for Your glory, Your will.
    That You have a plan for her that only she can fill. Lord, speak to those evil dark spirits that try to drag this dear girl down and cause them to flee!!

    I ask that You give direction and guidance to the counsellor that You have chosen, and that she find grace and mercy with the teachers. Lord, You are the Author of new beginnings, and I ask that You impress it upon their hearts to understand and help Janines daughter with school.

    Lord, I pray for Janine and the rest of the family, for wisdom and peace and bring them all through this trial glorifying Your name. In Jesus name I pray, Amen

    God Bless and be with you all Janine. Love, blessings
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    I`m sending prayers up for Jessie and your family. I take zoloft myself and it helps immensely. I`ll bet you`ll see a big difference in her depression soon.

    That`s such a hard age for a teenager. Its a tough world to grow up, kids have so much pressure. You caught her depression early and I think she will be fine.

    Let us know how it goes. We`ll be thinking about you and Jessie.

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    Hi Janine,

    My heart goes out to you about your daughter. I know what you must be going through.

    My daughter is in very deep grieving after the loss of her husband of 18 years (he was 46 yrs. old) to pancreatic cancer last October. I hear that the length of grieving is different for each individual. They did not have children, 3 cats, gorgeous 5 year old home (which is not where it is all at). They were soul mates to each other and had a full happy adventurous life.

    I want ever so much to take her pain away, but people told me that she has to go through this pain herself. No one can help her. I live in NY State and she lives in Florida. I know she is extremely depressed and keeps herself isolated, so prefers to wait a while to see people. Thank God she is going to a Christian grieving therapist and intends to put her on antidepressant pills.

    Let's keep Paula and Jessie in our prayers for them to get well. As you know how hard to see our dear children go through so much suffering, but God has everything under control (although it does not seem like it at times. Right?).

    Give Jessy a big hug from me and pretend I am giving you a big hug too.