daughter is missing again

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    I don't know how much more I can take of all this. My daughter has been living with her grandparents for about a month now . (so that she can go to school there) Last night she told my mother that she was going to study under a tree at the high school down the street. Well she didn't come home. She does have a boyfriend that has a car so we are hoping that she's with him . But I don't know anything about him . He's a new boyfriend that she met over there.
    I know that she'll be found . I just hope that my mother will take her back in after this. They've done so much to help her. I can't come to understand Why she would hurt them like this.

    Please keep her in your prayers. Also it's a miracle that our internet service hasn't been turned off yet.....so if I can't right back soon ,that is why. Thank you so much for your prayers!!!!!!!
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    I was a very wild teenager! I did come to my senses when I got into my 20's. I'll be praying for your daughter, so don't give up because prayer does work. There were many praying for me at that age.

    Take cate,
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    She called me a few minutes ago. She went to a friends house.
    She said that she's safe and doing her homework. But I know that there is something going on with her. She doesn't want to go back to her grandparents house . All I can do is pray for right now. And pray that our phone doesn't get disconnected. I'm not losing hope God will get us through this.
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    So glad your daughter called and is safe. I can so relate as my granddaughter's do this so often. What do you do? It is driving us crazy.

    How old is your daughter? I have one 16 she has done this once or twice and Thank God she was ok. My other a 24 yr old with 2 children has been this way since 14. My daughter has custody of the 2 little ones and I have prayed so that she will change and have offered help as I think she has a drinking problem. She has hit rock bottom and is home now but in a few days she will probably up and leave.

    I wish I had some advise but if there is anyway try to get to the bottom of this now and I will pray that she will not do this again.

    My prayers are with you as I understand your suffering.

    God Bless,