daughter just diagnosed with eating disorder

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  1. Annettemarieschell

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    anyone out there understand about eating disorders? I find it very confusing...
    my daughter is just 15, not sure if it is truly just re. body image or control....
    frustrated and worried for my girl.
  2. stick2013

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    Eating disorders are serious. If she is anorexic/bulimic then it's serious. Whether it's body image or control the outcome can still be the same. I hope that she is under the care of a trained therapist, or in a facility for teens with an eating disorder....

    This can turn into a life long struggle......So try to catch this quickly....
  3. TwoCatDoctors

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    At our local Depression Support Group meeting last night, we had a woman who is starting a local eating disorder group in our area in September. That is how much this disorder is impacting people and has and is becoming a local support group. Please contact your local mental health society to see if they have any support groups meetings that are eating disorders.

    Also contact your local senior center (not a nursing home, but where seniors meet to do activities) as they usually have rooms that support groups use for free. Ask if they have any eating disorder support groups meeting there.

    Also, ask the doctor that is treating her about any local support groups--if you find a woman's center near you, they may have one. I also suggest you get on online searching exclusively for teenage eating disorder support groups, because you need a group tailored specifically to your daughter's needs.

    Good luck and many hugs.
  4. Annettemarieschell

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    yes, we are getting help quickly, I work at a hospital and in psychiatry, as a secretary, I was quick to get my daughter assessed by one of our Dr.'s and he is going to reccommend her for our out pt. program, where she will get help by various team members, psychology, nutritionist etc... hopefully the referral will go through quickly. \
    thanks for comments and concern, I am trying to read more about this subject.
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    Oh boy, that is something that is tough. I suffered from Bulimia and it affected every minute of every day. I am happy to say that it has been 24 years since I've "done" anything. I did go through periods where I didn't eat at all (sometimes for over two weeks). I allowed myself chewing gum and drinks.

    It's a control thing. It really has nothing to do with food itself - that just happens to be the vehicle for acting out the disorder. (does that make sense?)

    I don't know if your daughter has anorexia or bulimia?

    I wish her the best in her recovery. She definitely has a chance at a normal life! Living with an eating disorder is absolutely miserable!!
  6. Annettemarieschell

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    the Psychiatrist who assessed thinks it is early enough for her to benefit from quick treatment, the has EDNOS, not to the extreme of anorexia, due to she has not lost her menses yet, and has only lost 15 lbs, but for a small girl like her, she is barely 15, and now 107 lbs. I am very worried, it seems like we are helpless to her. I know she will get lots of good help from our local hospitals out pt. program, just hope we dont wait too long for the referral to happen.
    I will be following up this week to see....
    thank you for your kind thoughts. any advice on do's and don'ts in re. to helping her day to day struggle?
  7. TwoCatDoctors

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    Good luck with your daughter. It sounds like you have found a great outpatient program and that's a huge plus. Just a suggestion, but you can talk to the outpatient program about anything else they think you should try. Good luck and prayers.
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