daughter needs prayers desperately

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    I have a seventeen year old who has been through a rough 3 months. She has had pain on her lower right side and has had every test known to man. She has had 3 abdominal CT scans, 2 pelvic ultrasounds, a gallbladder ultrasound, a Hida scan, a gastric emptying study, a colonoscopy, endoscopy of her stomach, an MRI of her spine, a nerve block, laproscopy of her reproductive system, removal of her gallbladder, and tons and tons of lab work. The only thing that is constant is the pain and an elevated white cell count. She missed the last two months of her senior year and was released the day of graduation from the galbladder surgery. She was so looking forward to college but now she doesn't even look forward to waking up in the morning. Please pray that we find an answer to what is causing the pain. I know that God can heal her. I'm trying to keep the faith God Bless, Terry
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    I'm so sorry to hear about your daughter, It sure seems like she has been through alot.

    I will certainly be praying for her.

    Blessings, Judy <a href='http://www.smileycentral.com/?partner=ZSzeb008' target='_blank'><img src='http://smileys.smileycentral.com/cat/17/17_1_22.gif' border=0></a>
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    I will keep her in my thoughts and prayers and hope that you find an answer soon. May your daughter also find some relief from the constant pain and the turmoil of the unknown. May God surround her in his warmth and comfort.

    God bless.
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    I`m so sorry to hear your daughter has had so many health problems. I feel so bad when such young people have to go through so much with their health. It is particularly difficult for them being ill. Its hard for them to understand and accept suffering like this.

    I will be praying that she gets some answers and some relief from all this soon. Praying that she can recover fully and enjoy a normal life.

    Let us know how she is doing.
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  5. Mikie

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    Pain in the lower right side with an elevated WBC count are textbook symptoms of an inflamed appendix. I'm sure your doc has checked for this, but if not, the appendix could rupture causing all the infection to spread in the body.

    I'm praying for you and your daughter.

    Love, Mikie
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    This must be a realy hard time for you and your daughter.
    My thoughts and prayers are with you both. luv to you both, xxxx

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    Terry I am sorry to hear all your daughter has been through. I do pray God will reveal to the doctors what is causing all the pain. I know it is hard putting up with undiagnosed pain, & all those tests must really be hard on her. My thoughts & prayers are with you both.