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    I just got back from ER. He said the swelling is blood and that my hand will get black and blue. Since it happened almost 24 hrs ago and it looks fine, he said it probably won't get infected. But I have antibiotic, vicadin and a tetanus shot. Oh yeah, and a splint!! How am I going to sling chicken and tots with one hand?

    Anyway, the vicadin is kicking in and typing one handed is tricky. I think it's time to head to the sofa and veg.

    Ovrwhlm - I'll call the vet's tomorrow and find out about the vaccine. CUJO lives with me so she isn't going anywhere (like home)!

    Thank you all for your concern. It's because of your comments that I decided to visit the ER.


    Last night, my 20 lb dog and my daughter's 75 lb dog got into a fight. I of course, jumped in the middle to get my Sam out of harm's way. In the process, the big white CUJO dog, bit my hand. I have a puncture on the top about 2 in back from the knuckles, in the middleof the back of my left hand. There are other scratches on my thumb.

    The pain was and still is excruciating. It hurts all the way up to my shoulder and past. It bled some, I probably should have had a couple stitches put in but I didn't want to go the emergency room.

    So this morning, my hand is swollen about double the normal size, fingers can hardly bed and the pain is still almost unbearable. I can't even hold a bottle of water in it to twist the lid off.

    CUJO (not her real name of course) just had her rabies shots yesterday. Daughter came and took her to the vets yesterday to get pain pills for her hips so she could take her home. Of course, she didn't get the pain pills so the wicked white dog is still here. Instead she got rabies shots. Thank heavens.

    She has never been aggressive with Sam until yesterday when daughter got here for the vet appointment. She then started doing some low quiet growling. Sam has played with her, jumping on her and in her face with no response. Now yesterday, this was the 3rd time Sam tried to play and CUJO went nuts.

    Is there anything a doctor can do at this point? Is the pain and swelling just from the skin breaking or... is it possible that I have muscle damage?


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  2. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Ouch! Maybe you could call Stephen King and ask him.

    I looked up puncture wounds treatment on the net. I got the impression that if the wound is minor AND you're lucky, you won't need a dr.

    I think I'd go and see a doc. You know most of us are pretty fragile anyway.

    Of course that raises another problem: dr. on Sunday.

    Good luck.


  3. painterZ

    painterZ New Member

    dogs rarely just bite down in one motion, especially when they're fighting. More often they grasp with their teeth and begin to pull and shake their head causing damage to tendons, ligaments, and muscle tissue under the skin. Dogs also have a lot of bacteria in their mouths which can easily lead to infection. If you're not up on your tetanus shot you'll probably need one of those too.

    Keep us up to date on how you're doing.

  4. ckball

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    I agree with Rock, you need a Dr. My cat bit me twice about a year ago when my dogs went after her and I was in a tug of war with them. Both times where deep puncture wounds.

    You need to be on abx, the bateria in the dogs mouth can get in your hand and cause all kinds of problems. I didn't go to the Dr the first time because I was already on abx for Lyme tmt, but my hand was double the size and was useless. Like you pain all the way up the arm. Watch for redness under the skin and it it moves up your arm go to the ER asap.

    The second time I went to the er the next day. BUt that night I used a tournacet sp? to keep the bateria contained and keep squeezing the area around it to push it out and kept it bleeding then poured the peroxide to it MANY times.

    We can't be too careful with our immune systems, so go, better safe then sorry. I wore a sling to keep my hand up close to my chest, otherwise it felt like someone was pounding on it. Hope you feel better soon, is Sam ok? Poor baby just wanted to play. Take care-Carla
  5. budmickl

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    Sam is fine, he was little shaken about the fight, but that's all.

    My fingers feel like they have been beat on with a hammer. I can hardly bend them. And my arm feels like it weighs a ton.

    I hate to go to the ER or the emergency care - there are sick people who needs the time.

    I'll make an appt to go in the morning to my regular doctor. It's been awhile since I had a tetanus shot so that sounds like a good idea.

    It is so hard to type, I'm doing this one-handed almost.

  6. Cromwell

    Cromwell New Member

    get tetanus. Did you soak you hand it hot sopay water with a little salt. Apply antibiotic cream at all.

    It may help to soak it now, hot water with a little table salt.

    Go for that shot. A doctor was trying to get an IV in the back of my hand and was so terrible at it I got a huge hand and the same sort of pain. Maybe there is something with the tendons that causes the swelling and such pain. Check it OUT!

    Love Annie
  7. victoria

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    The exact same thing happened to me trying to break up 2 of our dogs... I got a puncture wound on my hand. Not only that, unbeknownst to me, the closest knuckle (and it wasn't that close even) was also chipped.

    The ER doctor told me that the bone can easily & quickly become infected in such cases! AND that if the chipped bone had become infected, I could've easily & quickly lost that finger!

    Hope you go, it's worth not taking the chance... especially since you're already so swollen!

    all the best,

  8. Toga

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    Dog bites are nothing to mess with. This from someone who has been around dogs all my life. (Never been biten but know many who have.)

    You can get an infection that could go all through your body from this.

    Also, try not to be to mad at the dog who bit you. Sounds like he was in pain and just didn't want the smaller dog to mess with him that day. The future may show them best of friends again.


    Also please let us know how you are doing.
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  9. budmickl

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    Fortunately I'm right handed so I can do most everything still. Just a nuisance!

  10. rockgor

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    the update, Bud. Hope everything goes smoothly w/ a quick recovery.

    We had a Workers' Comp case at our office where a "paper cut" got infected and resulted in a thumb amputation. However, the "facts" are sometimes in doubt. I strongly suspect it was a more severe wound than a paper cut.

  11. sisland

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    I'm so sorry to hear of the dog bite! But am Very Glad you went to the ER to get it looked at!!,,,you just can't be careful enough with the state of our immune systems!,,,,,,,,,,Hugs! and hope you feel Better my Friend!,,,,,,Sis
  12. victoria

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    You never know when it might turn serious... or even how much damage is done initially, necessarily...

    Hope it heals fast for you now! I know how hard it is doing things 1-handed, my wrist that was dislocated almost 4 years ago in a relatively minor auto accident still hasn't healed completely... :( But I can't imagine having to deal with little ones one-handed!

    all the best,
  13. kjade

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    Hi Bud-
    I just saw this post - I am glad to hear you got treatment. Years ago, my dh was bitten really bad by a cat. He ignored it for a few days, but then he got a red line running all the way up his arm. Luckily he knew he had an infection, cause he had that before, so he went to the ER. He did have an infection that was very serious. Had he have let it go, that "red line" would have continued up to his heart.

    Animal bites are nothing to mess with. The animals have a lot of bacteria in their systems, and when the bite pierces through the skin that bacteria is released into the person's bloodstream. I am so glad that you went to the ER.

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