David Blunkett on Incapacity Benefit (UK)

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    Welfare 'should not be crutch' Monday September 12, 11:34 PM Yahoo News

    The welfare state must be transformed from a "crutch" for the economically inactive into a ladder which allows people to climb out of poverty, Work and Pensions Secretary David Blunkett has said.

    Mr Blunkett's comments, in a speech in Washington, coincided with reports suggesting that he is getting ready to cut incapacity benefit for millions of claimants in a radical overhaul of the benefits system.

    It was claimed that Mr Blunkett's get-tough approach would involve new moves to get people into work and training.

    The Government is due to publish a Green Paper on welfare reform in the autumn.

    In his speech, Mr Blunkett said: "The welfare state can no longer be seen as a crutch or a mere safety net but must be a ladder by which people can escape poverty and not fall back."

    Mr Blunkett cautioned that Europe and the United States have to face up to the challenges of globalisation and ageing populations, and focus on a "something for something" agenda which builds routes out of poverty.

    Mr Blunkett said: "Work is the best road out of poverty and dependence.

    "The welfare system should therefore be geared to assisting people of working age out of the need to rely on continuing support, as well as being geared to provide security and decency for those who we would all accept require substantial ongoing personal care.

    "The challenge is how the provision of financial benefits can be turned from a safety net into a ladder, assisting people through rapid change and insecurity, and geared to their return to independence."

    Shadow work and pensions secretary Sir Malcolm Rifkind said: "Every time Mr Blunkett wants to grab a positive headline, he rolls out another 'welfare crackdown'.
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    It would be great to see energy placed on housing,good food,and natural health care. Well I'm a dreamer maybe some day.People first. I do not believe anyone wants to be on welfare.
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    economically inactive. thats a new one for me.
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    I would love to get back to work as a special needs teacher, but I first need a cure for the severe FMS/CFS/IC that has made my life a living hell for the past 18 years.

    All I ask of the UK government is proper research into the physical causes of my illness, & a cure for it. Instead they only fund the psychologist's graded exercise programmes. Thee are based on the premise that our illness is imaginary.
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    He needs to get back in favour with everyone and a sure way to do that is to pick on the poor and the sick. Get all the people who work and pay taxes riled up about the way their taxes are used to subsidise lazy people who pretend to be sick.

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    want nothing more than to go to work,i have to pay hundreds of pounds for my training first.
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    I totally agree with Rosie.
    Ihave been on sick now since last Oct. Up until then I worked. I've done all sorts of jobs since I left school, paid my taxes and national insurance, or so I thought!!
    I've never been self employed(not clever enough) and have always had to graft. I got a letter this year to say I COULDN'T claim incapacity benefit because someone somewhere hasn't paid enough taxes for me!! I have to pay nearly £300 back to get the incapacity!! I don't have any money!!
    At the moment it's just not possible for me to contemplate going back to work. I get sick to death having to explain to anyone that asks me 'what's wrong'!! I look fit and healthy, I just DON'T feel it. If I walked with a stick people would know I had 'something wrong' with me.
    I do feel guilty sometimes when I see 'disabled' people working. I just wish physically and emotionally I was up to it.
    I had an interview with the disability advice officer at my local job centre a few months ago. When I saw her I asked her what was her first impression of me, I think I threw her with that one, and then I asked her if she knew anything about FMS. Luckily for me she had a friend whos hubby had it. She asked me why I asked her that. My reply is the same everytime, "Because if you don't know anything about it I'm wasting your time" We shouldn't have to be put through that. It's hard enough.
    Sorry for the long reply. Not having a good day today!!
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    Have you been on this site????


    It has got info about new ways that we are going to be assessed when we claim.Says we must be seen to be living the life of a disabled person with facilities and carers etc.

    One part I read says they are focusing on ME and FIBRO!!!!

    Have a look and see what you think.
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    But I have read a lot of the hypothses and proposed methods for getting PWME and FM back to work via this methodology which led to this; hence the govt’s enthusiasm and financial backing for CBT and GET. Yes ME and FM are on the hit list, so is back pain.

    I will read the piece you posted about after Thursday when it’s my son’s birthday. He is having serious health issues atm and is very down, I want to be in as upbeat mood as possible and I know reading about this again will make me even more aware of what we are all up against.

    I posted an article written by Malcolm Hooper and Margaret Williams about accountability. I will post the link here for that. There have been a few more articles since then which I will also post at IS.

    We need to educate our MPs, some of them are very concerned about the proposed changes, and how disability is to be perceived. I want nothing more than to get back to work like everyone else with these DDs; but thanks to the Wessely School our post exertion malaise, pain and the limitations on our levels of activity, are described as misguided illness beliefs or deconditioning.

    A copy of what Dr Kerr's gene expression research means going to all our MPs would help too, it shows our symptoms are genuine. Dr Gow also identified the immune system related ones.

    Love, Tansy

    A synopsis for the UK Parliamentary Inquiry
    Can be read at

    The significance of gene expressions identified in recent UK research can be read at
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