Day 2 post op

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by texangal81, Jul 26, 2008.

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    Or is it day 3? I didn't have the surgery until around 2:30 Friday afternoon! They asked me to arrive at 9:30, which I did and began the wait. Fortunately for me, I had taken 2 darvocet when I woke up, along with my bp med because I didn't know how long it would be before they doped me up. By the time they took me back, I was starting to hurt. They put me in this rock hard bed and told me surgery was delayed and it would several hours! That is when I told them "I'm an FM patient in chronic pain and I take pain meds everyday so you had better get me something or it is going to get ugly".

    They were more than willing to give me something, but the tiny little anesthesiologist asked "Do you have any medical problems other than the FM" and then laughed and said I guess FM is enough. When she asked where I hurt, I said "my upper back and shoulders really bad today" and her response? "I hurt there really bad too, especially my neck, I probably hurt worse. I wonder if that is what I have"? I could have DECKED her after that comment! However, she gave me something that helped. Then she started telling me about the pinched nerve her neck, yadda, yadda, and I looked at her and said "do you suffer from debilitating fatigue? Not the kind where you can only do one load of clothes after work or you decide to set the table and call for carryout". I mean the kind where getting out of bed isn't an option - you are stuck in there whether you like it or not". Then I said "they can probably fix your neck - chances are, they can't fix me".

    Finally around 2:30 they came to get me and this wonder nurse said "honey, you are my fibro patient" and I said yes and she held up a syringe and said "I have narcotics" I looked at her and laughed and said "where the hell have you been all day"! She said "I don't why they didn't give you this earlier". I told her about the pain mgmt doc disaster and she called him a quack and gave me the name of someone with real compassion! I am going to call him Monday.

    I am still hurting a lot more than I expected. I was right, the pain level is definitely somewhere between the tubal and my c-sections. It is akin to the second day c-section pain only it high up on my stomach, not the biknin cut of c-sections. I also think the surgery exacerbated the FM because in addition to the surgery pain, my entire body hurts! Several of my tender points are screaming, as well as behind my arms! I got my RX straightened out at the pharmacy and will call for a reflll when they open. I am thinking about taking tomrrow off too, I was given the ok to drive today, so I think I'll run up to pick up my meds and some popsicles and determine how I feel from that experience.

    THANK you for all of the prayers. I was irritated with the long wait, but my care was excellent and my sutures appear to be healing nicely. I have only been midly hungry and I think this might be psychological in part because it comes and goes and I can easily forget about it. There hasn't been any nausea which is great.

    When they brought me out of anesthesia Friday, I looked around and laughed and said "Am I skinny yet"? *LOL*.
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    dontcha just love all the pain experts floating around?
    its similar to things i often hear...everyone is a writer, artist etc. and proof of their creative abilities is made clear by telling you how ___(fill in the blank) your own stuff is and how to fix it.

    glad to hear you're feeling as optomistic as you seem to be. in NY, maybe elsewhere too, there's a TV ad promoting weightloss surgery that sells the idea of bringing together the patient and doctor in a supportive relationship for a minimum of 3 years (!!) to ensure patient success.

    there's a woman where i work who's having the surgery next week and told everyone weeks ago, not to bring her anymore food, chocolates etc.

    i was going to ask her if she was ready to spend the rest of her life without chocolate and realized the question reflected more of my own food issues than whatever she might have said.
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    About chocolate - this isn't my food of choice and I can take it or leave it. If you told me that I could never eat any "real food" again, I would be very happy as long as I didn't have the accompanying hunger (which right now I don't, hallelujah)!

    Fighting your weight all of your life is just like living with FM. You face prejudices from the beginning. You are told you are lazy, a pig, and have no willpower. Men will have nothing to do with you when you are heavy unless they had the misfortune of meeting you when you were thin. Then all they talk about it is "why can't you look like that". Doctor's refuse to help at all - again telling you just to eat properly, push away from the table, and get some exercise.

    I'm a recovering alcoholic and it is easy to stay sober as long as I don't have that first drink. It isn't so easy with food. That first bite, no matter how well intentioned can grow a life of its own. That is why I chose weight loss surgery. I am being forced to eat a certain way and having tried to do it on my own for 38 years, I'm ready for the help.

    If this little plastic band can allow me to sleep at night because I'm not ravenous, allow me to concentrate on something other than that unbearable gnawing feeling in my stomach, and can help me eat a small amount of quality food for the rest of my life, well then it has just become my best friend!

    So farewell to those wonderfully tasting but health devastating foods, it sure wasn't great while it lasted!

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    Well Erin,

    It sounds to me like you still have your wonderful sense of humor so I know you will be OK and will do what needs to be done to achieve your goal.

    I too was looking for you on the porch and I didn't see you on the first part of the chit chat board but I didn't scroll down far enough to find you. Glad I checked.

    Yes, I just ALL all those people who say they understand when they really do not have a clue. There are alot of them around and they hurt "just like you and me" - doubt that !!

    Hope you will start feeling less pain soon (at least from your surgery), who knows about all the other stuff. If you find out the cure to "all that other stuff" you'll be rioh and please let me know the cure will you (-: !!

    Continue to keep us informed on how you are feeling.



  5. greygodess

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    that you are recovering nicely from your surgery. Hope it continues to go well. Godbless
  6. monica33flowers

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    I'm so happy to hear everything went smoothly, Texangal! Take it easy --- you may have been put into a flare from the surgery. Do you have to go back to work so soon?

    Sorry, you had to hear from all the idiots ---- especially since they should understand being in the medical industry. Nothing frustrates me more than belittling me and my illness.

    Take it easy, dear!

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