day 4 after my 1st peptide shot

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    Still feel amazing!!! As soon as I wake up my first thought is, am I ok today? I check myself out to find that I am not dreaming. I have not felt this good in years! Of course I realize that things could change but I am going to do my part and try to find out what food triggers I might have and try to eat better. I know that stress is a biggy for me.

    I have some unresolved emotional issues about my previous 2 cancers. Now that I am not focusing on the pain from the RA I am realizing that thoughts of getting cancer again is creeping in. I want so badly to be healthy and not get sick again. So, when I start to feel good my mind goes back there. I had crazy thoughts of the cost of the shots (which is 100% totally worth it) and now what if the cancer comes back . DA!!! Just saying that this was one of my thoughts today. I guess realizing this is an issue is the first step to healing. Thanks all of you for being there for me.

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    Thats how the mind is and fear is our most primal emotion so its attracts the mind the strongest !

    One thing that helps me being in the moment is to just focus on the breath and make it as slow as possible. Its not possible to let the mind go astray if the breath is slow - the mind automatically does not run around then.

    One ancient breathing exercise called pranayam in India which is very helpful is called anulom vilom. If you just type that in youtube you can see it and practise it. It also keeps blood pressure good!

    :) hope your happiness is long lived.

    With love,
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    I appreciate your always helps knowing that others have similar issues and what helps them cope. Just saying it outloud helped me yesterday so thank you again!

    Blessings to you,
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    I think it's normal for us to worry. I had a lot of angst going into the peptide treatment. All kinds of thought were going through my mind. Try to relax and meditate or just sit quietly and don't let the negative thoughts enter. It isn't easy but can be learned.

    I am a couple of weeks into my fourth injection and am perplexed. All my symptoms are gone or vastly improved except fatigue. It doesn't seem the last two shots have made any difference. I plan to ask the doc about this. I'm sure it's normal to have this happen. I've been sick a long time. To have my arthritis, FMS pain and Sjogren's symptoms gone is worth it but I was hoping for more energy. Some days, I have spurts of it but not enough.

    Keep on keeping us updated and best of luck to you.

    Love, Mikie
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    That is excellent advice for all of us. I try to meditate daily but in between could certainly use a mini-meditation, just paying attention to breathing.

    That's an interesting concept about fear being our most primal emotion and therefore where our minds tend to go the most. I did learn in Al-Anon (12 step program) to take one day at a time and to let go of worry as much as possible, but I know the breathing exercises and just paying attention to breathing will make that much easier to do.

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    I am sure I would feel the same way you do, worrying whether the cancer might return. You've been amazing, beating it twice. It occurred to me that these injections are probably one of the best things you can be doing for your immune system and overall health, and helping to ensure that the cancer does not return. They seem to be very powerful, beating back the RA just like that.

    Meditation helps me a lot when I get overwhelmed with being sick. I've been sick so long and start to feel helpless and hopeless sometimes, and that's when the meditation helps the most. It brings me back to the present and away from fear. And I think Deepak's breathing exercise could be very helpful too.

    I'm really happy though that you are doing so well with these injections! Thanks for keeping us posted -

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    Hello Vicki,
    Happy to hear of your great progress with the peptide injections. Sounds like they will be just the key for you since they are off to a bang up start! If you wouldn't mind, could you let us know the name of your doctor, as I am looking for someone closer to my area. I called one of the clinics (can't remember if it was Dakos) a couple of months ago, and after calling one of the docs they listed I found that their listings are not current. So, I am back to square one, and still trying to find someone closer.
    Wishing you continued better health...
  8. inprog

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    I don't know if you are journeying in to Dr. Gruenn or not but if you are, 400 miles to the fair city of San Francisco I recommend Daniel Dunphy at San Francisco Preventative Medical Group (SFPMG) who does whole blood analysis. He trained with the best of the best. In seeing my blood up close like that, we could see my tendencies towards cancer and he had alternative things to take that would ward it off and it could see differences in my blood. It gave me assurances when I needed it when I was doing the right thing as I could see changes for the better in my own blood as he pointed out what to look for. Maybe I am a visual person but somehow this helped me. You need to read Yelp first on this clinic because the front desk might drive you to drink and the negative reviews are just like that. But the doctor himself is very helpful. Why or why they don't change, I don't know. We all know what is right for us.

    deepak: my spiritual teacher from India used to bait us with the pranayam lessons he would give us when we all worked hard enough in our spiritual practices to deserve them which would warrant his instruction in this matter later. Well, it was before internet but now we can look it up and see? Thanks! (The "later" never came for anyone in our group and then the spiritual teacher died)

    I also recommend Adam and his psychic healing approach. You don't have to go to any events unless you want to. You can find his DVD's on line with very helpful exercises. Excellent for those so inclined. It kind of got me on the right road. Now I only go to see Daniel ever few years or so but have undertaken my healing mostly on my own inner sense. He was helpful along the way.
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    Hi Vicki,

    It is good to hear that this is working for you. You are a very strong woman as you have survived cancer, not once but twice.

    Unfortunately I have no advice for you but feel very humbled by yourself and others here that fight the battle every day :)

    I do know that we all, as human beings have moments of doubt and sadness. I myself have been treated for depression in the past but these days I have learnt to recognise the moments of sadness before they become overwelming. This seems to help me work through these times without falling into the deep hole that becomes depression.
    For me awareness is the first step.

    Stay strong
    Love Amanda xx