Day a disaster! Want to stop meds and have a question. Help!

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by jaltair, Dec 16, 2005.

  1. jaltair

    jaltair New Member

    My day has been absolutely a disaster and I feel so bad!

    This DD is getting to me and all the pills that I’m on are getting to me and the feeling that I’m so out of control of everything is getting to me.

    Today was my day off from work and I started out wanting to really get this temporary home in order. I got up with good intention and started doing things that need to be done. However, I had to go to town (15 minutes away) and do my errands, so I loaded my car with my husband’s shirts for the laundry (cleaners) and headed to town.

    When I pulled off the freeway on the off ramp, there was a man who appeared to be about 55 years old and in need. He was holding a sign that said he needed money. I opened my purse and pulled out a $5 bill and gave it to him. I felt good.

    At the bank, I took out my $100 for groceries and to pay for the laundry, and then headed towards the pharmacy to pick up our medicine. That’s when the day turned bad. In the area where I live the fog can get really bad. However, today, the fog in the air seemed light. The fog in my head started to get worse, and I started to feel like all I wanted to do was lay down. At the pharmacy, not all the medicine was there, which meant I would need to come back into town.

    After the pharmacy, I went by the Post Office to pick up the mail. Some ladies were out front selling peanut brittle and other wonderfully scrumptious items. The ladies are from a local church, and every year sell home baked goods. So, I bought several things totaling to $8 thinking my husband would love them, especially the peanut brittle.

    When I got to the cleaners, I realized I had given the ladies three of my $20 dollars instead of three of the $1’s! Oh my gosh! I couldn’t go back and ask for them, as that would have been gross, at least to me.

    After the laundry I went home straightway as I was really feeling bad by this time. My headache (migraine) had started and I needed to get my pills for that, and my muscle pain was getting pretty severe and I need some pain meds. The worse part of everything was the increasing fatigue that was making my head fog even worse.

    Well, on the back country road that I was heading towards home on, I hit a puppy. There was no house to go to and the puppy was killed when I hit him. I was in tears by this time. I removed the puppy to the side of the road and thought I’d call the highway people to remove him. I felt so bad and the whole thing made me feel even worse than before.

    When I got to our trailer, I took my pills for the headache and pain, called the appropriate people about the puppy, and then collapsed into a welcomed slumber. When I went to sleep, it was about 1:30 P.M. I didn’t wake until 5:45 P.M. My whole day was “out of joint” and nothing was accomplished. I lost my money, killed a furry friend, and felt absolutely miserable.

    Then, when my husband got home, we were talking about the actor that had just died and saying that he was about my age, 59. My husband, very conscious about his age and looks, asked me, “Do I look that old?” I told him that he looked his age which is about that old. He didn’t like that. I revised what I said and told him that he looked more like about 50. Anyway, I asked him if I looked that old. He told me that if I weren’t so “fat” I’d look a lot younger.

    Now, I know that I am fat. I’ve gained about 40 pounds or more because of my meds. I want to loose weight. However, today, I didn’t need to hear that from him. (LOL !)

    I guess that will teach me to ask!

    I want to get off my pills, loose weight, and feel like I use to. I’m afraid to get off my pills. Especially after today and the pain that I have and the fatigue that I have, etc., etc. I know many of you probably have the same thought going through your heads. I think I needed to just write this whole day down to see it in a different perspective.

    To be honest, I think that I am going to stop my meds and see if things are worse or not. I know there will be a time of adjustment or withdrawal. I think I’m ready to do it.

    Has anyone here ever just stopped cold turkey? If so … what may I expect?

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  2. TwinMa

    TwinMa New Member

    I am so sorry you had such a terrible day! You really went through the wringer, you poor thing!

    Please don't go off your meds as a response to your awful day. It could make things even worse by having to deal with nasty withdrawal symptoms.

    Take a nice long bath and get a good night's sleep tonight. Then tomorrow you can come up with a logical plan to SLOWLY go off meds that are not helping you. If some of your meds do help, keep them. If not, SLOWLY wean off.

    Of course, always talk to your doctor before changing things.

    Your husband should get beat with a wet noodle, in my opinion.

    Hang in there. Tomorrow has got to be better, right?


  3. MamaR

    MamaR New Member

    What a TRYING day! I wonder if the ladies thought that you gave them the money by accident? I know that the church could use it...but maybe it will come back to you double measure in some way. That is if they don't realize it... and give you a call (if they know you)!

    If they don't I am sure God will bless you...just wait and see! After the day that you had....I am sure that there is a blessing REALLY close...and maybe tomorrow will have GOOD surprise for you.

    Hope that tonight is restful.

    With Big Hug....MamaR
  4. PVLady

    PVLady New Member

    Do not stop meds cold turkey under any circumstances. It is very dangerous. At the very least call your pharmacist and ask about a taper down schedule.

    You may need the meds you are on...

  5. ~Sibyle~

    ~Sibyle~ New Member

    I just wanted to offer many {{{{{{{{{{SOFT HUGS}}}}}}}}}}}

    I am so sorry sweetie. What a horrible day!
    I hope tomorrow is better for you.
  6. Suzan

    Suzan New Member

    But, do not go off meds without knowing the proper way to go off them. Many medications we are on have nasty withdrawal effects...and there is no sense putting your body thru that sort of trauma.

    I do think that when we are on some of these meds for long periods of time..that maybe a med vacation is a good idea..that way we get to see what are symptoms really are at that point in time.

    Hope your day gets better....and don't let your husbands unkind comments ruin your day...No matter what we weigh, no one has a right to be mean to us!
  7. Dee50

    Dee50 New Member

    What a day.
    I'm so sorry. Glad you got home and went to bed for awhile.

    Today will be a better day.

    Take care and please talk to doc about stopping the meds.

    I'm sure it hurt you more than the puppy.

    Sounds like the puppy did not suffer but you did. I love animals too.

  8. jaltair

    jaltair New Member

    ELLIESPAD, TwinMa, MamaR, PVLady, ~Sibyle~, mayline, suzan, and Dee50, I really appreciate all of the thoughtful and wonderful uplifting responses! After I posted, I basically went to sleep again and just woke up and read all of these responses. What a way to start a day! You have all made me feel so much better, and I appreciate this Board so very much.

    When I wrote the post last night, I did it because I thought I needed to just get it down on paper. That did help, believe me. However, the support by the Board is the frosting on the cake!

    Everyone here is so nice, and emotionally, I do feel better this morning.

    I was actually thinking of going off the meds before yesterday happened. I've been mulling going off of some of the medications over for quite a while. Not only my antidepressant, Cymbalta, but some of my non-FMS stuff like the estradiol. I've blamed some of the meds for making me gain weight.

    The estradiol doesn't actually help that much against hot flashes. I had a total hysterectomy in my early 40's and have been on something to counteract the hot flashes. I'm not sure if it's hot flashes or FMS now! LOL ;<0 But I have my head soaked most of the time with any exertion or if it's hot in a room.

    Again, thank you all so much. You will never know how the support from all of you helped me this morning.

    L, Jeannette
  9. dononagin

    dononagin New Member

    Talk about a horrible, terrible, no good, very bad day!!

    Careful.. stopping cold turkey can really mess you up depending on what you are taking. I know some anti-depressants can cause some really whacked out behaviors and feelings if you don't taper them.. Some of the other commen pain killers can give you headaches and lethergy as you withdraw.. I really would talk to your doc or at least your pharmacist.

    I know what you mean about the fog.. it's been nasty the last week or so huh! My side of the valley doesn't get it quite as bad as your side.. I know I had a party from Visalia cancel night before last because the limo bus refused to drive them in the fog.. I guess Visalia was so socked in you couldn't see in front of your car. The whole hanford lemoore area, the schools had foggy day schedule all week.. and it's still early in the season for it to be this bad.. I think it's going to be a really rough year for the fog..

    The puppy.. I've done it.. It's the most heart sick feeling... : ( Sorry..

    I think your hubby was trying to get even for you telling him he looked his age! lol! Don't you sweat it.. I've seen pictures of you and you look great!

    Hope today is a better day girlfriend.. you take care of you!!

  10. dononagin

    dononagin New Member

    I just looked in on your profile and you had your drugs listed.. I don't know about the other ones.. I know I take tramadal (I think it's the same as ultracette) as needed so I know I've never had withdrawel from those when I don't.. But don't stop taking the Cymbalta cold turkey.. That I know can be dangerous. I don't know what dosage you are on.. You may want to ask your doc for a lower dosage that you can use to taper off.. Hugs..
  11. jaltair

    jaltair New Member

    Thanks for the comments, support and suggestions. I'm much better tonight, and can see how I need to tackle one thing at a time. It just seemed yesterday that all my emotional hurt points were touched, and I just wanted to be more in control of things in my life.

    Dononagin, it has been terribly foggy and I think your right ... it will probably be this way in central CA quite a bit this season if we have some more wet weather. Those of you not familiar with Central CA, we have what's call Tule fog. It gets so dense that you really can't see 5 ft in front of you. Really dangerous on the highways out here! When it's 40 degrees with the fog, it's a really damp cold and chills you all the way through. If your feet get cold, you've had it!

    Donnaeil, I may just begin to do some things for myself this new year. Perhaps a massage every other week. I think if everyone had massages twice a month, visits to the MD's would drastically be reduced.

    Again, thank you both. It was fun to hear from you Dononagin since we are nearly neighbors! Take care over there on I-5!

    Warm wishes & L, Jeannette

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