Day before ALJ hearing judge cancelles

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    Hi I have been coming here for alittle over a year everyone seems like a big family and helps each other .. I just wanted to share my story March 7th i am to be at my ALJ hearing March 6th I get a call from my attorny saying the judge called them and cancelled my hearing because it had been heard for the last time in 1997.

    After I had been turned down for the last time in 1997 I had to try to go back to work. I worked on and off till 2004 when I reapplied for SSD.

    This is what happened .......
    I went in and applied then turned down applied for the hearing I found out they went back to the first app.

    What I don't understand these people are getting paid to work for the government ...the IRS did not record years of my work they said I was short on credit years ..1994 1995 and 2000 were missing. I have copies of them from our tax returns......

    The lady at SSA appointment why wouldn't she have noticed I was short credit and had all ready exhausted the first appliation.
    We went over my work history.....
    I told them they were missing years of my work so I had to send proof to them and they will record them and I will have to reapply.

    What I don't think is fair I will have lost the back years from 2004 till now the lady said a new application would be filed. I have to pay for their mistakes .. the judge was the one who noticed it the IRS and SSA pay these people not to skrew up..

    I just needed to vent ..maybe you can let me know what you think thank you ......Diane
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    oh diane,
    i am so sorry for you! This story is the worst case of govt. inadequacy i have heard in a while, and NO YOU SHOULD NOT be held liable for the bunch of screw ups in the gov. offices.

    you are the victim of a whole "trilogy of errors" (i can't say comedy of errors as it is certainly not comical!) Did you have an attorney for the hearing? Maybe they can help you. If not, surely a letter to a person in congress or even George W. is in order.

    Maybe a TV talk show or someone that specializes in reporting govt. fraud and that "fleecing of america" story.

    I really don't know what to tell you, but i am so sorry and i hope someone with a functional brain (mine is a little off tonite) will jump on this thread with a real brainstorm.

    Take care--it is so stressful leading up to the hearing, then to have this happpen the day before--i can't even imagine, it CAN'T possibly happen this way, someone out there has got to fix this.
    Hang in there--L
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    Wish I had something to offer you besides sympathy, but I really don't. I just can't think (on second thought...) anyone could screw a person around this badly. As the other poster said, there should be someone out there that can help you out, an attorney or someone.

    You should get all your back pay, IMHO, since none of this was your fault. How totally unfair! Someone is surely smart enough to bail you out of this mess!! Just wish I knew who.......

    Best wishes to you, and let us know how things turn out, okay?
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    Thank you for repling and all the advice helps thanks again
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  6. OhThePainInMy

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    thank you for your reply............................... god bless all of us
  7. mooch4260

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    So Sorry to hear this but another wonderful job of the Government..........I really have no advice but maybe some of the wonderful people on this board could give you some wise advice ....I just wanted to let you know someone was thinking of you!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    No my lawyers said I didn't need them now because they thought if I did file a new application I have enough wrong with me and my age that I would win And i guess if it doesn't go back to 2004 they wouldn't get hardly any money... but thank you so much for answering my post Diane
  9. wrthster

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    First I would like to say how sorry I am. I am dealing with SSA now and they are beyond belief! The best suggestion I have based on experience at least to get you a hearing is the following:

    Get a really good SSDI Attorney
    Get at least your Primary Care Doctor and one Specialist on your side that are willing to fill out forms or write letters
    Write a detailed letter of your own explaining what happened along with copies of the doctors letters to your local congressman, both senators, and the govenor of your state
    There are no guarantees, but all it takes is one government official to flag your file with SSA and they will respond!

    Best of luck, I really hope you get what you are entitled to.

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