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    Turn on the Light (song) JoAnn McFatter CD Raging Beauty

    I read the other day, about Your glory again
    Of Your splendor and Your majesty
    I read the other day about the beauty
    of your holiness
    And I think I heard my spirit cry

    chorus - What is it that keeps the elders
    falling on their faces?
    What is it that keeps the creatures crying
    "Holy, Holy, Holy" ?
    What is it that keeps the cherubim, seraphim
    and the angels in order?
    Oh, won't someone turn on the light?
    God please turn on the light. reveal you Glory

    Out of the North, Exekiel saw it coming
    Four Living Creatures in a whirlwind of a cloud
    Wheels filled with eyes, the Spirit within them
    Engulfed in a raging fire
    Coals burn ablaze, the appearance of torches
    Lightning flashing, like the wings of an army
    Raging worship - I gotta know


    Come release the holy, holy, holy.....
    Release the holy, holy, holy...

    We know we were born to bask in Your glory
    Your very image our pattern of design
    To be immersed in the fierceness of the worship
    The craving of our souls, the craving of our souls


    Oh, let ther be light - reveal your glory
    The holy, holy, holy...

    Oh, the ancient sound (Holy, Holy, Holy....)
    Every tribe, every tonge, every nation,
    (holy, holy, holy....)
    Filling the earth, with who You are (holy, holy, holy..)
    The One who was, the One who is, (holy, holy, holy...)
    This One, this One who is to come (Holy, Holy, Holy...)

    Her words, her music, which is scripture filled, is very powerful. It feels striped down and naked, removing the barriers between me and God.

    I spent one whole summer listening to it, when i was very, very, sick, and afraid.

    Ps. 27:1
    The Lord is my light and my salvation-
    whom shall i fear or dread? The Lord is the refuge
    and stronghold of my life- of whom shall i be afraid.

    Ps. 91:4-5
    God will cover me with His wings; i will be
    safe in his care; His faithfulness will protect and
    defend me; I need not fear any dangers at night
    or sudden attacks during the day.

    The worshipping of God is a mighty undertaking, it involes all that we are; body, mind, soul, and spirit.

    "simple adore Him!, Breath in all His raging beauty!
    What are you gonna do with a God like this?"


    Daylight, i know you need more than good words, praying that God will fill your needs, and your family's.

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    This message has touched me so much. My favorite songs are "Holy,Holy,Holy" and "Blow the Trumpet In Zion". I used to sing before I became very sick and my voice just doesn't sound the same. And those scriptures wow..... I'd forgotten. Please pray that the Lord will guide me to a church that well recieve me and be understanding about my family situation.
    I've decided to start eating better as well . Lots more veggies and fruit . I've been so tired lately. I have a very bad sinus infection.
    I still don't know what to do about a job but I know that the Lord will show me something in His time.
    Now I have a starting point again.
    Thank you.<{{{><
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