DAYTIME Grogginess/Fatigue Remedies?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by msSusan, Jun 17, 2008.

  1. msSusan

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    I've having a terrible time with DAYTIME grogginess/fatigue from med's and probably adrenal fatigue. What are people taking/doing to help with this problem?

    I'm taking homeopathic Adrena Comp but it doesn't help much. I also think I may have intolerence to ethanol base.

    I'm taking low dose of gabapentin, 200 mg at night. I've tried higher dose and get VERY GROGGY. I also take 200 mg Celebrex in a.m. I get very groggy if I take extra in p.m.

    I'm taking Multivit, B Complex, 1,000 mg vit. D, DHEA, digestive enzymes, 100 mg magnesium complex. Plain yogurt for probiotic.

    ULTRAM makes me very hyper (no real pain relief) and overdue things even with only 50mg before noon. I also have trouble sleeping after taking Ultram and also get very constipated.

    My "D" level was at 9 a few months ago. I feel much more achy when taking more than 1,000 mg. I also try to get unprotected sun early in the day to supplement.

    GABA causes strange burning in my mouth even in capsule.
    Inositol, 5-HTP and other amino acids causes headaches even in small doses. I'm very sensitive to supplements.
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  2. michsteep

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    I rely on my tramodol. It's a painkiller which the dr says will take away the pain. It must work because when I take it every 4 hrs I have the energy to keep going. When I'm working, I also rely on an energy drink that gives me B12 w/o additional caffeine. I do take a multi and msm during the day ....
  3. BrainFogBaby

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    Green tea, B-12 spray (methylcolbalamine works best) and CoQ-10 have helped mildly. I also notice a difference when I DON'T take my supplements which contain glutathione, so that may be part of the puzzle.
  4. jaba520

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    i dont believe my doctor tested for vitamin d, but i have afternoon grogginess. some of it is because i wake up in pain between 3 and 5 everyday and have a hard time falling back to sleep and getting comfortable. does vitamin d boost energy. i drink vitamin b enhanced drinks plus take a b complex vitamin everyday.
  5. spacee

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    It only went down when I was on the Marshall Protocol.

    But you asked about daytime fatigue. I am just experimenting with Kirkmans Magnesium/Sulfate Cream...about $18 a jar. They have a site you can google.

    Dr. Cheney says that this stuff gives energy for a hour tops.
    However, I too, am sensitive to some things so far this stuff has lasted about 6 hours for me. It is now a "must have" for me.

    Today I am having a tired day. I think it is because two of my sons were here this weekend. I used this cream and did so well that I still can't believe it. I left the house at 9am and drove to Orlando behind my hubby and sometimes he was going 80 mpg (well, everyone else was too). But I felt so confident and brain alert. We ate out, shopped for my son a new "teaching" wardrobe" and took the 2nd son to the airport. Then Mon. and Tues were better than some cleaning done. So, today I do feel tired but still able to go to exercise class.

    I do use less of the cream on a daily basis and the regular amount when doing all day things. I am learning how to adjust to what it does to me. I am aware that I have just a certain amount of "eggs in my basket" (Dr. Lapp used to say) energy wise and I don't want to over do unless it involves relatives being here.

    I might be more tired today cause I didn't take my B-12 shots the last two nights. Bad about skipping them if I am feeling ok.

  6. cfsandlyme

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    I am forced to rely on caffeine, as well as a product called ENADA, for energy. Both help a little bit.
  7. spacee

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    Those two things helped me too. I think I am just getting older and some of my "friends" aren't helping as much as they did. (I'm 58).

    Good options though.


  8. jaded_lady

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    My level was at 6 March 13, About March 21 I had a prescription for 50,000 IU and started taking 1 2 times a week.

    I have only recently started feeling better. I do have a prescription of Provigil. It may work (giving me energy) or I may fall asleep after taking it.

    D3 is the best form, but you probably need a prescription strength D for a few months.

    jaba520 you need to get the test. The D is helping with pain and energy.

    Jammin you will love this, I told a friend to get her D tested, her Dr. said "you watch too much tv". There is NOTHING on TV about D! He just blew her off.

    I told her to go to a different Dr.