dazed and confused

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    does anyone feel the way i feel sometimes, at times i really feel stupid. i try not to go anywhere or talk on the phone, i actually hide out. i have a hard time finding the proper words in order to make a sentence, i actually went to the doctor because i thought i was having a stroke. when someone is talking to me, i can not comprehend a word they are saying. sometimes i feel like laughing and saying to them, i haven;t a clue what you just said or what you are talking about. or if i remember the subject a bit, you can rest a sure i won;t remember 5 minutes later. thank god this does not happen all the time. my lack of concentration becomes nil. everything becomes to much. my brain is overloaded i guess, and it justs shuts down. but when i am good whow i am good, very organized. this stuff is very hard for a person to believe, even myself if i did not have it. my husband and kids sometimes give me the impression they think i am nuts or make thes things up. i have told my husband to help me during these times as i cannot make proper descions for my family for myself. help me and tell me that i am not the only one...........dazed and confused
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    Hang in there..I use the excuse I am the product of all the drugs my parents inhaled during the 70's..LOL Though I know in my heart that is not true. Actuality it is my brain working in overdrive trying to keep up with all that is going on.

    Do not let it get you so down, learn to laugh at yourself- I do frequently as I work ft and humor is like the air I breathe....

    Take care and God bless you!
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    Dear Sharon,

    I forget to do stuff... and I have lists! I loose my words, but when I write, it's better. I discovered fibro fog when I told my Dr. that I was really spacey. I was shocked to find that there was a name for this stuff! My family is learning to be patient with me. But for a well read and educated person to loose their competence in speaking and communicating- well it is almost a devestating concept to comprehend. I know. We are not dumb, we are dealing. so keep your chin up, i get it- really i do.
    you are not alone!

    All the best,
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    with the Cfs/fms. I had only read about others having it until about 4 months ago. I was in the middle of my first really bad flare when it happened to me. I was so embarressed. I broke down and cried several times. A girlfriend of mine made me feel better when she told me..just remember this is something physical in your body doing this to you...your not stupid.
    Since I've been on meds, it has lessened alot but still pops up now and again. My SO knows when I'm dealing with it because I have that "deer in the head lights" look. The best thing you can do is make notes for yourself and explain to friends and family that it's part of the Fms/cfs package. I know how hard it is...I hope the fog clears for you soon
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    Oh Boy can I relate!!My husbands fav.jke is not only is his wife blonde she's a fibro blonde!!My kids are constantly snickering cus words come out wrong and I'm always being told that I was already told something or I already told someone something!!Nope your not alone we all have our fibro moments.