Dazed & confused after meeting with Doc

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by LeLeHpr, Jul 29, 2003.

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    I met with my doc today to discuss my short term disability as she had already filled out my paperwork. I was simply requesting a note as to my last day worked, which is today. Not one second after I finished with my question did she start in on BCBS has not approved my treatment for my torn ligament in my back and she was not going to approve my being out to sit at home to eat bon bons and watch tv..Okay, that is it I have had it! Her and I have already discussed what I will be doing while on leave and she even told me how much of a good idea it was...Then I am being barked at about my insurance carrier, being lazy and lack of ability to prove FM is debilitating.
    Sorry to drag on but I am really beggining to question my own sanity...My employer is on me for too much time out, which I have missed 7 days in 10 months which for a fibromite is pretty good...I understand I am there to do a job, but at this point when does a person's health become their main priority? Oh, did I mention I waited 2 hours to my doc because her front office overbooked her...She did grant me STD, but only for a month..DAMN IT!!!!!

    I swear these people really want us to think we are nuts...
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    Hoping someone cn verify I am not nuts..?
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    Sorry to hear about your experience. No, you're not nuts, just living day to day with this DD like the rest of us. It seems like we take two steps forward then one step back most of the time. I know exactly how you feel when you get this type of reaction from your doc or docs. You have to look at it this way - if you don't take care of yourself, who will? You need to use your best judgement on what you can handle and what you can't and fight for what you need. One doc explained it to me as having a bank account for energy. You have limited funds so you have to prioritize what activities to spend your energy on. We all know you're doing as much as you can and you're not just lazy. That crack always makes me so mad!!!!! Good luck and try to keep your chin up. It always helps me to come on this board and hear from others in the same situation. All we can do is keep on trucking!
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    Find another doctor. When I first got sick, I was off work for four weeks when I finally felt able to go back. I saw the doc on a Wed or Thurs and asked for a note for my employer since they had asked for one. I had her date it for me to go back the following Monday, since I figured having a few extra days to recover after so long could only be a good thing.

    Well, that weekend I shaved my legs in the shower and "crashed". I still managed to get to work that Monday and Tuesday, but was unable to go back after that.

    When my employer asked me to get a letter placing me on medical leave a couple weeks later, the d*** doctor would NOT write one! She figured she'd already done what she should have/needed to (whatever) by writing the first note. And I was going to lose my job without it! I told her that, but she didn't budge. And I'd been seeing her for 6 years.

    Part of this may have been because after 3 weeks I asked for more tests and she said none were advised. So I went into the clinic and saw another doctor and he ordered more tests. Maybe she figured I'd stepped on her toes or something. Whatever.

    So, find another doctor.
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    Thanks for your comments, I appreciate them more than you both will ever know! I really was starting to question my own sanity.

    I called BCBS today only to find out my doc never faxed in the req for additional treatment. Called my doc's office and the authorization clerk advised she was waiting on the file notes from last month and has not had time to get in all taken care of.. I advised her Dr. T chewed me out for having BCBS and her not being able to treat me and advising me to contact BCBS on a dailey basis until my treatments approved.. OKAY, anyone here want to guess what I would like to do?? HEHE
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    You may have to go to several docs before you find one who "gets it". That is okay. There is nothing wrong with you just that the medical community doesn't have the info or research it needs and some doc's personalities aren't going to work for you. In addition, some do not believe in FMS.

    Go get 'em.

    Lynda B.
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    It blows me away to hear stories like yours. I am so gratefull to have such supportive doctors. I have had fibro for over 3 yrs. I worked full time at my job of 26years and had a car accident a year ago. I have been off work since. My family doctor and rheumy were so supportive that with there help and dedication after 8 months I was approved for long term disability. I was talking to a friend today who had sever RA and fibro. Her doctor said if she went off work for her fibro he would not write a note as people who go off with fibro dont go back to work but if she goes off for RA he will do it. How arrogant. She is now looking for a new doctor. I feel so sorry for those of you who are treated in such a cruel manner. I pray I dont have to change doctors for a long, long time.