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    Was Supplied From the Bitteroot Valley in Montana This Year,,,,,along with some 75 smaller trees to decorate the property surrounding the Capital,,,,,,,Some 500 handmade Ornaments went along with the tree,,,,,,,,,,,These were Made by Seniors and Kids from all over the State,,,,,,,,,I can't recall the height of the tree but i'm guessing between 75--100 ft,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,There are lots of proud residents that participated in this event,,,,,,Just a fun fact!,,,,,,S
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    Diane for the website!,,i always forget to include that!,,,,,This will actually make it more interesting!,,,,,,Hugs!,,,Sis
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    But, wouldn't it be simpler and logical to just plant something like a Coastal Redwood or sequoia tree and when it got big enough, just use it for the Christmas tree? This blatant government government waste must stop! LOL Cheers, your Grinch.

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    That would be the logical solution,,,,but apparently they want us to feel united as a nation!,,,,,And did you know that when all is said and done the Grinch turns into a great happy go lucky person?,,,,,,,lol,,,S