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    If you are really serious about my new piece please let me know. I had planned on taking it to the gallery tomorrow. But if you want it I won't. Once I put it there I can't take it out to sell it on my own.

    Email me and I will send a pic of the second one I made yesterday. Same pattern different colors. I had your email in my guest book on my website but the book got spammed and I had to delete the page, it is back up now but I lost all my info- look forward to hearing from you-Carla
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    If I don't hear from you, i won't take it to the gallery. I have others to take so it's not a problem.

    What I really want to do is make 2 peices a week, take one to the gallery then save one. Once I have about 25-30 I will go to a show out of town to sell those. It's a plan.

    My freind that owns the antique shop I go to on Fri's from 12-5 goes to shows all the time. I work on Fri and another girl does Sat. She makes more on one show then the store for 6 months.

    Her and her hubby love it, so I may go with them on a trip to test the waters. Carla