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  1. Betsy2

    Betsy2 New Member

    I am having a horrible day. Some days I just want to scream because of the pain and fatigue. Other days I want to dump the medications in the toilet. I know the meds help me but I am soooooo tired of the side effects!!! No one understands what is wrong with me and they expect me to take control of this DD. I just want the old me back, is that too much to ask? Yes, I am having a pity party and needed to vent.

  2. hope4

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    Hi Betsy, I feel your pain. I hate not having me too. read my post "need encouragement please" dated 1/19/03. This is the right place to be when we are feeling this way. I really hope you start to feel better soon.
    ((((soft hugs)))) and hang in there,
  3. LisaMay

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    It must be catchy because I'm having an awful time today too! So here I am joining in on your pity party.

    I'm tired of feeling crappy most of the time. When I do feel good, I take advantage of it and usually end up over doing it, hence another crappy day.

    I am trying to be more positive, cut back on smoking (so I can quit altogether), eat healthier, exercise at least 5 days a week, and get a good nights sleep. These are my goals for this year. Maybe things will be better once Spring arrives. Sunshine and warm weather sounds so nice!

  4. nogilroy

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    sorry that you are feely bad to day same here also and it is so nice and bright out side.i live in ontario i think with all the high winds that we have had in the past week and snow has done me in may be you to i do not know why this happens at times to me. it is okay to vent . may be i will have to some time.
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  5. Shirl

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    Betsy, I would like my old 'self' back too, this 'self' takes a lot more than I thought it could take!

    You vent all you want, we all understand how you are feeling.

    Take care, and hope tomorrow is a much better day for you.

    Shalom, Shirl
  6. Fibromiester

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    I'm sorry you are having such a hard time- I was screaming inside today,too: "They are sooooooooooo Insensitive! They don't CARE!" etc,etc.....Aren't you glad for this board? We can say anything and we are understood! Another thing I have found helpful is keeping a FMS/CMP/CFS Journal, I'll write down my level of pain and what happened that day that might have triggered that pain or muscle tension,etc. It also is a "vent" and you can "talk" to "someone"(I'm not crazy, honest). Try to relax in a comfy chair & meditate on a happy vacation spot. I pray you'll be feeling better very soon!
    Love to you, Fibromiester
  7. Betsy2

    Betsy2 New Member

    I can't express the appreciation I feel for all your kind and supportive words. I know they are heartfelt because each of you have been there. Thanks for your prayers too!!

  8. susabar

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    I too am having a very bad day.... I am feeling as though the world is one giant cold cruel place... no one cares like you said... you are pushed up against a wall, and made to feel like a slacker... but we do have each other!!!!!
    I guess it's true what they say, misery loves company...
    remembering you in my prayers