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    hello everyone yes i am a newby and am so thankful that i found this site.I was dx w/ FM a yr. ago but have been in pain several yrs. i have a 2 yr old son and a new baby on the way.I deal w/ headaches daily and being preg. adds fuel to the fire however i am tickeled to bemy md has yet to find effective tx for me yet i also deal w/ the restless leg syndrome.my hubby tries to be supportive but he doesn't know what it's like,the other day i broke down and cried i am so tired of being tiered and hurting everyday i am open to any sugg. the meds i have been on consists of fioricet,vicoprophen & valium now that i'm preg. lortab 5 mgwhich doesn't help.i stay so ill all the time i hate it. i just don't know what to do anymore.
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    Hi,I have been unable to work now for almost 2 yrs.,I couldn't imagine being pregnant with this DD.I don't really have any suggestions.I just wanted to welcome you.This site has been helpful for me,just knowing I am not alone.Hang in there,someone may be able to give you some suggestions.Take Care! (((((HUGS))))) Beth