De, in regard to former life...Some of my Art from then

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    De, I was thinking about what you said...Grieving the person we knew, or was trying to become...

    This is a drawing that i did while studying theatre/costume design...I got Guillam Barre right when I was applying to Grad school to do in MFA in costume design...

    I was accepted to Carnegie-Mellon...I had to let it go, becaue I got too sick.


    From the FM board:

    Bender, you inspired me to put up some of my artwork... 10/24/06 03:48 PM

    This is a piece I'd did as a student for a theatre rendering class, back '91...the original is John Singer Sargent's "Portrait of Mrs. Joseph Chamberlain"...It was taken from a B&W photo in a book, which I graphed and enlarged. Charcoal...underglass, that is why there is a white spot on her sleeve, from the flash reflecting back.


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    I think we ask God....why...Especially when newly dx'd. That was the worst, I thought. I was wrong.

    I had to give up my dream job. I was my job, that is all I knew and it was all I was. I was recieving national recognition. Lots of mag's, were covering my stuff. I was a happy girl, I thought, and again...I was wrong.

    Losing assoc.'s and friends, health and my life....yea this had to be the worst...I was once again ....wrong.

    I see others so young and gifted, families torn apart, and how badly they hurt. Yes, your right, for me this is the worst.

    I saw your design and I'm still crying for that girl who's had to give up so much. And for all of those who's lives will never be the same.

    I do believe the people we are becoming can be better than the people we were. In many ways and with a bit of 20/20 hindsite, we can be more than we ever imagined.

    So please don't let grief get in the way of life. My dear sister, you are not alone. I am praying for you and your family. Blessings...De

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