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    What is wrong with our Government? I am so frustrated my ex isn't working and I am on disaability I get a little over $600.oo per month for me and 2 girls yes that's right 3 people live on this amount.

    So far this year I have gotten $450.oo for child support. that's in 2 payments the last one was a wapping $2.98 yes you read it right two dollars and 98 cents. wow they each could get a soda pop that month.

    The dead beat hasn't filled income tax in 2 years because he said he doesn't get any of it so why bother. I can't force him to file and neither can the government. Why? does anyone know the answer to this?

    He is behind $30,000.oo in child support and the government won't do anything about it . AGAIN WHY? they treatten to take away his drivers liscense and never do it. The government won't put dead beat dads in jail because they say if they are not in jail they have a chance to get a job. EYE OPENER THE DEAD BEATS ARN'T GETTING JOBS.

    their solution I have to hire a lawyer and file contempt of court charges. The lawyer wants any where from $700.oo to $2500.oo for a retainer and they want the money up front for everything they do because they can't get the money out of the Dead beat dad.


    The kids and wife supporting the children suffer for them not paying and the Government doesn't even care. Where is the justice in this?

    I have no clue what to do just sit back and take it because there isn't anything I can do.

    Thank you for listening to my vent I thought maybe someone on the outside of this could see something that I am missing here.


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    take him to court it would be your county should be doing this for free for you....

    every state and county is different...i am in the same boat or was...three years no child humilating i had to file for tanf and food stamps...went from not wanting or needing a dime to having only maybe half my rent covered by a tanf check...

    you can sue your kids father as well...

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    My son has custody of my granddaughter. The mother was given court ordered visitation. She has not bothered to see Alexis since June 18. She basically disappeared.

    She was ordered to pay $65 per week. It came for a couple of weeks and stopped for 10 weeks. It started again. He took her to court for contempt on the child support, and she was ordered to pay an additnal $10 per week until it was caught up. This never happened a few weeks later she "lost" her job. This was from February to December of last year. It than started for six weeks. His last check was .98. Yes I said 98 cents. He has received nothing since.

    He could take her back to work but as you said it costs so much.

    After she "lost" her job he continued to let her see Alexis. After on visitation she left and was not heard from. My son found out thru a friend that her live in boyfriend was jailed for molesting his own children.

    I feel for your situation. The courst are the same everywhere. They want money to help you. He went and tried to sue her for non payment of child support. He would have to pay this fee and that fee.

    Why are the courts not for the children?

    God bless; Pam
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    My second husband was from Iowa and behind in his child support. The state came after him and got money. I didn't have a problem with that because he should have been paying her. I had to fight for 7 yrs to get child support in MO. I know the laws have changed and there should be some help for you.

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    To contact us call 1-888-229-9223, weekdays 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. CST.
    Since this newspaper published an article touting the benefits of the confiscated licenses if child support pmts were more than 90 days past due, then I'm suggesting that you call and talk to them. You could be a human interest story AND maybe they will help you collect too!
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    I go through the Child Support recovery through Dhs here and they said as long as they get something their is nothing they can do even if it is only $1 they have to wait till they are 60 days of not paying anything. So my ex is beating the system, he works for cash so the government can't track it and he lives with a relitive and moves every week so they can't find him.

    As for the son who has custody I know how he feels my kids are a gift to me they are special i beleive that about all kids and how anyone can have a child and turn their back on them is more than I can stand.

    The inocent always seem to be the ones to get hurt. I see why we have so many drop outs in school because they have learned when you don't like something just walk out. Same with divorce.

    can';t this Government see that kids in trouble are over 50% of them have a parent that has walked out of their lives,not paid child support; they are angry and don't know where to channel that anger so the frustration causes them to act out.

    They should take these dead beat parents and jail them and make them work. Create work for them to do and the money goes to child support.

    Their has to be an answer to get the kids what they need.

    Thank you again for letting me vent
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    You are so right. The government needs to do something. The children are the ones who pay. After my son got custody of my beautiful granddaughter he actually had people tell him he was terrible for taking her away from her mother. Her mother was never a mother. He was also told why can't she see her mother, a mother has a right to see her child. That is true but you cannot force a mother to see her child if she does not want to.

    You are a great mother for doing everything that you can for your children. You are like my son your children are your life. I pray that some day things will change and something will be done about the deadbeat parents. They will be made to pay.

    God bless; Pam
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    Society is so dumb when it comes to dads having the children why is it that a dad can't raise his kids the way a mom can?

    in our society now it is no different any more dads work and so do moms so what is the difference in a working mom raising the child and a working dad raising a child.

    I say thank God a parent has enough love for the child to do the best they can do weither it be a mom or dad. I have seen cases where the mom was a dead beat mom yet has the kids and the father would have been a better nuturer for the child but the courts gave the children to the mom.

    our gov. and society are in need of a great repair.

    Bless your son for not running out on his daughter too.
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    It's sad that this happens and it isn't right, but please remember there are lots and lots of non-custodial dads and moms who pay their support and pay it on time.

    My DH paid child support to his ex even when the children lived with us for two years. It was easier than fighting the system and we knew the kids were ok.

    Even though he made every payment and all of them on time the state of Washington guarnisheed his checks for the payments. That started in about 1993 and was because his ex went on welfare.

    So a dad who met his obligations and went beyond that by paying when the kids lived with us was penalized because his ex went on welfare! He was mortified to have his employer have to take this money from his check each pay day! Made him look like a dead beat and he was far from it.

    On the other hand my ex was pretty much hit and miss on his $350 a month obligation. He died when our DD was 10 and his social security paid nearly three times the child support and came on time every month!

    Sorry you are going through this and you are in my prayers!

  10. Busyknitter2

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    You are right. I did not mean to sound bitter toward all non-custodial parents. There are many that pay their child support faithfully. Years ago my brother made the mistake of paying cash to his x-wife. We told him to please get a receipt. He did not, he thought she would never do anything. Guess what? She took him to court and since he had no proof he had paid it they granished his wages.

  11. Greenbean7

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    Judge Judy would have been all over him on that one!


    Stop and smell the puppies!
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    God bless those Who do go above and beyond. I know there are those who do right by their children and take responsibility. bless you to green you have found a good man.

    My ex thinks he is punishing me by not paying but he is hurting his daughters and his relationship with them they say if he doesn't pay he is just showing me I am not worth anything in his eyes.

    JOYFUL: i went to that sight it is a university paper I am going to go back to it today snd see if I can find the artical again I couldn't find it the other day but I have time today to research it furture. thank you for the web sight.

    Bless all have a great day.

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