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    Who knew that when I went to the nature center yesterday that I would end up sewing the tail end on a goose. Of course it was a dead goose. And no, I don't know how his tail fell off. They have several stuffed animals at the center. All kinds. This particular goose is positoned with wings spread and feet down as if he or she is going to land. It usually hangs from the ceiling.

    Then I got to see the deer that lives in the woods there. This is not a huge nature center and it is in a city. It is bordered on the east, west, and south by homes and on the north is a waterpark.

    We keep an entry log for people so that they can enter the animals they have seen. I have heard of the deer sightings and someone wrote down a coyote. Since I really didn't believe either one of these I was going to enter Sasquatch. I don't think they would get my sense of humor.
    Anyway there is a deer and a couple of fawns. I hope to see more of them on my walks there. I wonder where the deer will go in the winter? Godbless
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    You had me going there for a minute!,,,lolol,,I thought you were sewing the tail back onto a Real Dead Goose!,,,,lolol,,,That sounds like a really great place for you to go,,,and to see wildlife too!,,,,I'm also glad that Big-Foot Hasn't found his way into the park yet!,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Just had a thought,,,,Maybe you could write down,,,"Dinosaur",,,,,,omgosh!,,,,,

    Deer are Beautiful creatures!,,,wonder if they will just stay there for the winter?,,,,,,,Sis
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    Reminds me of when my daughter was about 12 and we took the girl scout troop to Brazos Bend State Park (outside of Houston). I was a leader and it was well known that I wasn't the "outdoor type". Brazos Bend is notorious for it gators and I was a basket case the entire time. One of our girls was always running ahead and dashing places she shouldn't be and I had visions about making that call.....

    "Debra? Hi....well, umm, sure we had a great time, no, no, not much happened, uh-huh.....we'll um about Britany's arm.......we are still looking for it but have full confidence the divers will find it".

    I finally realized I was making at total fool of myself so I gathered the girls around me and told them "Miss Erin is a nutcase. LISTEN to Miss Linda, she knows all about alligators and she knows it is safe and she knows what to do if we happen to see them.....Miss Erin is going to find a strong drink".........
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