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  1. Jordane

    Jordane New Member

    I am so tired I could just cry!!

    These past few weeks have been hell. Last thursday we picked up hubbys mom( 1hr drive),he brought her in her car,I drove ours.

    She had to go in the hospital.She ended up having her gallbladder(sp?) removed.She is 81 yrs old.And it was not necessary to have this surgery,it was up to her rather she have surgery or not.But the doctors should have more sense than that to even attempt surgery at her age.

    Well she has had complications from the operation.They pulled her arm out straight during the op,this now causes her great pain because she has a frozen shoulder. Before the op she could only lift it waist high.Her family Dr. didnt put it on her file,so the hospital did not know about it. But she is suffering because of miscommunication between drs.

    She is also unable to keep her oxygen levels up.If she goes for a walk,they get her up off and on to keep her strenght up in her legs, her stats fall due to lack of oxygen.So she is on oxygen all day,plus a puffer for her lungs. She is really failing.

    On top of that she was in the process of selling her house,and moving down to bridgewater,where her family is,(two sons),so they could watch her better.

    She has two sons here but really only my hubby looks after her, he would go up and do what she needed done,mowing,odds and ends around the house.Her other son is angry at her and wont help.But he cant wait for her to die and get some money,a real piece of work.

    Any way, we have to go up and pack her stuff up,I went out and got her an apartment,ground level,no stairs.And in a medium size community thats no small feight.Waiting to hear back if she got it or not.But we still have to pack her stuff and move it.The Discharge planner keeps me up on her condition.So I had to meet with them.

    So I have had no time to rest,and I am beat.But someone has to look after her.And there is noone but hubby & me.We will probably have to live with her,if she makes it thru this.

    Sorry this is so long.Just needed to vent it out.I dont know whether I am coming or going.And I am in a lot of pain.Its a lot of work.

    Keep us all in your prayers.

    Hope you all have a pain free day!!
  2. lardsgirl

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  3. Adl123

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    Dear Jordane,
    I am so very sorry for what you are going through!!!!
    The same thing happened to my mom. The cardiologist scared her into having open heart surgery at the age of 86! The surgery ruined her life. I almost lost my mind at that time, because of the fatigue. I was always overwhelmed, both physically, mentally and emotionally.
    I send you all my support, and will send some prayers your way. When it gets overwhelmiing, remember that we are with you.

    Big hugs,
  4. Jordane

    Jordane New Member

    Than you all, Lardsgirl, for the hugs,can ALWAYS use them,
    and Prickles and Adl123, for your wonderfull support.

    You all can make my day so much brighter!!:>)

    This next two days we have to go to my hubbys moms house and pack her stuff up for moving.And there are a kazillion
    little & big ornaments.And every one is precious to her.

    She is still in the hospital.Because of her low oxygen.
    They are still trying to get it level.

    And me, I could sleep forever,or at least rest. My dumb legs and ankles are swollen.And my fingers feel like stretched sausage,so stiff.But all must go on!!

    Than God for pain pills!!:>)

    Wish for you all a pain free wknd.

    Thanks for prayers
    Hugs to ALL!!
  5. BlueSky555

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    I am baffled at the Drs. I can't believe they did this to her. Bless your heart; not to mention how you feel.

    You and family are in my prayers and hope she will get better soon,

  6. Jordane

    Jordane New Member

    Hi All,
    Thanx so much,Fight4acure,and BlueSky555!!!

    An update on my progress in moving my mother in law.

    W e are still waiting to hear from the aprt we put a downpayment on.I called them yesterday and they said to call monday.

    But she might get out of the hospital by the end of this week.But she is so weak,this operation took a lot out of her.I get angry everytime I think of the drs operating on an elderly lady.

    I dont think they should do surgery on the elderly unless it is a life or death situation.

    So I have been calling all over town here to try to find an aprt.just in case the other one falls thru. We live 2 levels up,there are stairs to climb,and she cannot climb them. And we cannot afford any other right now.Or afford to move!!

    I will keep plugging along,hope to God that it works out.
    Last night I was in so much pain,my poor pain pill didnt know where to start.And my feet and hands are swollen.
    But I am in better shape than my hubbys mom is. And making sure she is taken care of is the most impotant thing right now. And hubbys brother wont help us.

    Thank you (((SO MUCH)))
    for the support,kindness,and prayers!
    It all helps, Hugs to you all!!!:>)
  7. Jordane

    Jordane New Member

    Bump Bump Bump
  8. jole

    jole Member

    For you, your hubby or MIL. I wish her the best, hope her health improves, and that she will be able to take care of herself again soon.

    But meanwhile, go ssslllloooooowwww. She will need you when she gets out of the hospital, and you can't be totally worn out by then. So take care of YOU!!

    I know there is a lot to do, but you need your rest now. And please don't try to do it all by yourself. IT's not possible. We all hate our limitations, but they are there and need to follow them no matter what. I was there for my mother, and a year later I still don't know what happened. The brain fog was even worse than the pain because I pushed beyond belief, and it will get you.

    Please take care, and know you and your hubby are very good, caring people who can only do what you cando.

    Friends - Jole

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