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    you said can call me JD 02/07/03 07:54 AM

    I've always thought I had a twin out there somewhere. Can you tell me about hte patch you are using now & how it works - maybe it would work for me too. The morning stiffness is the worst and I also spend a lot of time in the shower (it's good I don't have to pay water bill). So I guess the much of other 20% of my time is spent showering since I do many stretches it it, going to therapy and other household shores I'm able to do (yes I like folding laundry too!) but those don't seem to be as distracting. What works best for me is mental distraction but like others say if the fog rolls in, it's very hard. This is my catch-22 dilemma...yes, I can take stronger drugs so there's less pain but if I have to give up my mental cognitive abilities to do things that I love what's the point??? So I'm looking for the medication that works on the pain without putting fuzz in the brain! Any ideas?

    Thanks and let me know if you need any help putting your results together...I'd love the distraction!

    Bless everyone with a painfree day!!
    Achy-Shaky (aka JD)

    Hello JD,

    You asked about a pain patch. I am actually using a low dose of Oxycontin right now. It is time take one every twelve hours and it helps to keep me fairly even. I am trying to stay on the lowest dose to see if I can manage with this dose and the lumbar epidural injection that I got yesterday. I started the Oxycontin a week ago in an attempt to avoid liver damage from long-term and high levels of acetaminophen. I was taking 4 vicodin es a day which = 3000mg of acetaminophen, for well over a year. My liver tests were always in good shape and the new medication is better for my liver and for me. I am open to the possibility of using this low dose. Statistics say that you are able to stop cold on Oxycontin if you are not exceeding more than 60mg at each twelve hour interval. I like this aspect of the medication. I am on 10mg every twelve hours and I probably need 20mg to get better pain control. I still need some vicoden during to keep me at a low moderate pain level. I do not exceed two vicodin per day. I am journaling right now and will need to check in with my doc about my pain coverage. I am working pretty hard to keep a low dose and get the pain reduction I need for cognitive function...I do not get a high feeling from any of my medications and I seem to have best cognitive function if I can get my pain level down around what I call 4 or 5 on the scale.

    I wish you pain reduction and balance...thank JD...JP or Jan
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    JP...thanks for all the info on what you are taking. Unfortunately, I have horrible adverse reactions to anything Codeine-related so I may not be able to take Oxy but maybe there's another patch that may work for me so I will ask my doc next visit.

    Finding the right balance is such a battle. I think I may be ok if I can find the right amount of Neurontin and Klonopin to take through out the day. I have 2 relatives (my daughter and sister-in-law) that have FM and they both use Oxy and Neurontin with good results so maybe you could try that.

    I was taking large amounts of Ibuprofen before and was also concerned that my kidneys or liver would have problems but still seem to need some anti-inflamatory because the arthritis and physical therapy causes a lot of inflammation - I'm dealing with a frozen shoulder which has increased my pain level substantially. I agree that if you can keep it down to 5 or less the mental functions are much better and I haven't been down to that for months now plus when pain interferes with sleep it just adds to the mental fog. I do have hope that the pain management I'm scheduled for in the next few weeks will help me figure out the best meds for me.

    Thanks again and keep me posted on how you're doing.
    Butterfly Blessings!