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    Here's a sample letter to send to U.S. Senators and Congressional Representatives. Since they are gov't reps, they do not have separate email addresses so you'll have to copy and paste your letter into their online contact forms. Remember the government works for you....not vice versa!

    Permission is given to repost this letter. Please share.
    Sample Letter (feel free to edit):

    As your constituent, I am very much concerned with the lack of funding for research of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) and Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME), often referred to as CFS/ME.

    CFS/ME is a multi-system illness that adversely affects the heart, brain, immune system, nervous system, circulatory systems and muscles, including post-exertional malaise and neurological/cognitive manifestations. See:

    Research to help people suffering debilitating illness from CFS/ME, who are often homebound and bedbound, received a measly $6 Million in federal funding last year, while perfectly healthy HIV+ people received $3.1 Billion.

    NIH-Sponsored Research Funding (2011):
    HIV/AIDS = $3,086,000,000
    CFS/ME = $6,000,000

    We are citizens and taxpayers. We used to be productive members of our society and we would like to be again. Please help us by creating research funding parity for CFS/ME with AIDS. CFS/ME is oddly still considered 'a mystery' 30 years after it achieved notoriety in the U.S.

    Just from what we know today, in terms of the immune dysfunction and human suffering, CFS/ME is just as serious a public health problem as AIDS. Please fund CFS/ME research to help us get well, so we can do our part again.




    U.S. government representatives can be found here:

    Information from:
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    On the CFIDS/ME board? It gets more traffic there.

    Good luck.

    Love, Mikie

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